Tamil slang words every Indian must know

Tamil slang words every indian must known
Tamil Language

Tamil slang words every Indian must know

Slang words are informal words that are most commonly used in speaking. They are normally used in conversations that involve people who know each other very well. These word forms are basically localized to certain places. Slang words are like ‘fast fashion’. Most words emerge, gain popularity and come into usage and later diminish. Some slang words stay and become intertwined with the language. Some common examples of slang words are ‘shades’, the word that is used to refer to sunglasses, and ‘freebies’ which refers to things that are given for free.

If you have ever travelled across Tamil Nadu, you might have noticed that each part of Tamil Nadu has its own slang. This is an amazing fact about Tamil language and Tamil people. The way people speak, their accent, tone, and vocabulary vary mostly from district to district. Essentially, there are different types of Tamil words that have evolved, and are practised in several places. Chennai Tamil, Coimbatore Tamil, Tirunelveli Tamil, Madurai Tamil, and the list continues. 

Do you know that Tamil language has more than 23 slangs or dialects? This is an amazing fact about Tamil language, isn’t it?

Various Tamil slangs

  1. Madras Tamil
  2. North Tamil Nadu Tamil
  3. Nadu naadu Tamil
  4. Thanjai Tamil
  5. Madurai Tamil
  6. Thirunelveli Tamil
  7. Chettinadu Tamil
  8. Kanyakumari/ thiruvananthapuram/ kollam Tamil
  9. Pathanamthitta/idukki/ ernakulam Tamil
  10. Palakkad/ thrissur/ malapuram Tamil
  11. Wayanad/ Mysore/kodagu Tamil
  12. Mandya/Hassan Tamil
  13. Bangalore Tamil
  14. Kolar/ chittore Tamil
  15. Kongu Tamil
  16. Kadapa Tamil
  17. Nellore Tamil
  18. Negombo Tamil
  19. Vanni Tamil
  20. Battacalappu Tamil
  21. Singapore Tamil
  22. Malaysian Tamil

Tamil spoken in Chennai is called ‘Madras Bashai’ or otherwise called ‘Chennai lingo’ and this is a mixture of Tamil with words from other languages like Telugu, Urdu, and English. Tamil spoken in Madurai is more grammatic whereas Tamil spoken in Chennai is more exposed. All Tamil slangs are unique and sweet, and have always remained an interest of study to people from other localities.

Common words and phrases from Madurai slang

This slang is usually spoken in places like Madurai, Theni, and Sivagangai
Some words are
  •  ithukkaandi (இதுக்காண்டி) means ‘for this’
  • embuttu (எம்புட்டு)  for asking ‘How much?’ and you get answers using the words ‘ambuttu’ and ‘imbuttu’
  • Anne(அண்ணே) for calling your Brother
  •  ‘Ynga’ is used with almost all words to add respect like vanthaaynga (வந்தாய்ங்க) to inform that They came.
  •  Imbuttoondu (இம்புட்டூண்டு) – Very much small
  •  anguttu, inguttu, enguttu (அங்குட்டு, இங்குட்டு, எங்குட்டு) – there, here, where.

Common words and phrases from the Tuticorin slang

  • Ela -ஏல ( means my lovable, through historic books )
  • Piragu- பிறகு (next)
  • Makka – மக்கா ( my friend)
  • Araaali – அராளி (fantabulous)
  •  Purathala – புறத்தால (backside)
  • Choli – சோலி (work)
  • Karukkal – கருக்கல் (sunset)

Words from other slang

Imagine it is a fine Monday evening and you’re back from school or work. You feel mundane and exhausted. You decide to take a short stroll in the park. You lay on the grass bed and feel the warmth of the sun. ‘Enna veyil idhu.. surrunu adikudhey’ (என்ன வெயில் இது சுர்ருன்னு அடிக்குதே). 

You stay there for quite some time and couldn’t bear the heat anymore. You say ‘Poruka mudiyalaye’ (பொறுக்க முடியலையே ) and move to a shady place. You finally find a bench under a shady tree. 

You say to yourself ‘Nilal romba idhama irukey’ (நிழல் ரொம்ப இதமா இருக்கே) This means the shade is comfortable. You are staring at the happenings in the park. ‘Nadakradha ellam uthu uthu pakreenga’ (நடக்கிறத எல்லாம் உத்து உத்து பாக்றீங்க). 

Kids are playing. ‘Kolandhainga vilayadranga’ (குழந்தைங்க விளையாடறாங்க) You enjoy and adore it. ’Adha paathu rasikreenga’ (அதை பார்த்து ரசிக்கிறீங்க). 

After some time, you see a person passing and remember that you have acquainted him once. You greet him by saying ‘vanakkam, vaanga vaanga (வணக்கம், வாங்க வாங்க)’ which means hi..welcome welcome.. He also replies with a ‘Vanakkam’. There are 5 ways to say a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ in Tamil and it is different in each slang. Some say ‘Vanakkam’, or ‘Vaanga, Vaanga’, some people say ‘Varaverkirom’, while there are people who say ‘Nalvaravu’. If you are looking for How to learn Tamil the right way, learning these words may help. Learning 5 ways to say a ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ helps when you wish to learn how to start a basic conversation in Tamil. 

You inquire about his well-being by asking ‘Nalla irukeengla’ (நல்லா இருக்கீங்களா) and he replies ‘’Naan nalla iruken, neenga ( நான் நல்லா இருக்கேன் நீங்க) to ask about your well being. You ask him whether he had food or not as a part of our culture. ‘Sapteenglaa’ (சாப்பிட்டேன் )  and he in turn says ‘Na sapten , neenga?’’ (நான் சாப்பிட்டேன் நீங்க ). This is a part of formal conversation. You may also add a phrase ‘Veetla ellarum nalla irukangla?’’ ( வீட்ல எல்லாரும் நல்லா இருக்காங்களா) to ask about their family’s well-being. 

He then randomly asks you about your work and other things happening in your life. ‘Velai ellam epdi poguthu’ (வேலை எல்லாம் எப்படி போகுது)  you really don’t know what to say because it isn’t going that fine. Yet you say ‘ellam nalla poguthunga’ (எல்லாம் நல்லா போகுதுங்க), hiding all your stress. He then continuously asks questions in a quite irritating way. You feel like saying ‘yeanga konjo summa irunga’ (எங்க கொஞ்சோ சும்மா இருங்க), ‘kammunu nimathiya iruka vidunga please’ (கம்முனு நிம்மதியா இருக்க விடுங்க), but you had to keep your calm , hence you say ‘nallathunga, Aparam pakalam’ (நல்லதுங்க, அப்புறம் பாக்கலாம்) and try to end the conversation. He leaves and even you head back home. 

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