Learning a new language has its own set of challenges. This blog offers tips and tricks to learn Tamil easily and effectively through online Tamil classes and other means.

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Powerkid Makes Learning Tamil Easy

Envisioned to become the largest academy for Tamil learning, Powerkid Tamil Academy offers one-on-one online Tamil classes to people of all ages. Our tutors are child-friendly and very passionate about helping children learn Tamil online through English. 

Our online class in Tamil aims to empower learner with speaking and written skills. The language is taught in levels from beginner to advanced levels and during the online Tamil class, the learner is free to choose the level that they aspire to start from. We give them the freedom to start learning from wherever they left and an opportunity to learn Tamil online through English. 

At online Tamil class in Powerkid Tamil academy, we adopt an innovative approach and curriculum. The Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing (L-S-R-W) framework of our online class in Tamil forms the cornerstone of our pedagogy and online Tamil classes at Powerkid. 

We cater to offer the utmost degree of personalization to the child and adult learners. A learner attending our online class in Tamil is free to choose his/her learning time slot and we function in the global time zone. 

93% students enrolled in Powerkid Tamil Virtual Academy learn to write and speak Tamil fluently in less than 3 months

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What Our
Learners Say

Love the teachers

Though Tamil is our mother language, our kids were finding it difficult to absorb Tamil because we live in the USA and their exposure to the language is limited. Powerkid academy helped them not only to speak, but also to write Tamil and progress my both kids to higher levels. The curriculum is so personalized that my kids love the sessions.
Devi Priya
Austin, Texas

Thank you Powerkid!

I have my backoffice in Chennai and I frequently travel there and stay for extended periods. I was finding it difficult to converse in local areas. Powerkid Tamil Academy helped me in spoken Tamil and after multiple sessions, I was able to start talking in Tamil. Thank you to the amazing tutors at PowerKid.
John Sherlock

Highly recommended!

I travel around the world and I can speak well in 9+ languages. Because Tamil is one of the oldest languages, I have been wanting to learn the basics of Tamil for a long time. My friend recommended Powerkid Tamil academy. After completing the basics, I developed more interest that I extended my package to intermediate levels too. All thanks to the amazing learning at Powerkid.
Christina Miller
Reporter, London

Best Tamil tutoring!

My children knew the basics of Tamil and when we were searching for an online tamil tutoring academy to help them with advanced levels, we hit upon Powerkid. The tutors listened to our requirements and customized the curriculum to produce the best results. Kids have come a long way and I am so happy to see them talk and write effortlessly in Tamil. Thank you Powerkid!
Saravanan Ramasamy

Learning languages in a shrinking world broadens your horizon. Master the Tamil language and stay ahead!

The earlier, the better.

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