Master the intricacies of Tamil language!

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Spoken Tamil to Writing to Vocabulary to Grammer to Ilakiyam

Master the intricacies of Tamil language

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Spoken Tamil






Level-1 Beginner Level
online Tamil course

Learn alphabets – Uyir and Mei eluthukkal and read pictures based on the same apart from the days of the week, months, vegetables, flowers, fruits, animals, insects,  rhymes, and numbers from 1-10

Level-2 Basic level
Tamil class for beginers

Acquire a thorough knowledge of all the Tamil alphabets along with understanding the sound of each letter, fluency in reading 2-3 letter words, next level of vegetables, fruits, flowers, animals, tastes, and the sounds of animals and nature; Learn to speak short sentences and to introduce oneself in Tamil.

Learning languages in a shrinking world broadens your horizon. Master the Tamil language and stay ahead!

The earlier, the better.

Level-3 Pre-intermediate level

Read short sentences, understand its meaning and answer short conversations; Understand the family relationships; Learn antonyms, match words to pictures and describe an object in 2-3 sentences; Read one line poem in Aathichudi and Kondrai Vendhan.

Level-4 Intermediate level
thirukkural learning

Write small sentences by observing pictures; Describe objects, express their ideas and solve puzzles; Learn basic grammar, Kural and Nalvazhi poem.

Level-5 Advanced level
Advanced tamil class

Interpret basic poems, folk songs and proverbs; Read passages, answer questions, hold discussions, and learn Moodurai and Kural; Write basic letters, and learn basic grammar on tenses and gender. 

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