Best Online Tamil Classes

Best Online Tamil Classes
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Best Online Tamil Classes

The blog presents the attributes that you should look for while choosing an online Tamil course for you or your child. 

Accession to internet and technological platforms have made it easy for anyone to learn Tamil from anywhere across the world. Previously, people living abroad endured great struggles when it came to learning Tamil. They had to move to new places over weekends to find a Tamil school in their area to learn Tamil. They also had to settle with the proficiency of the tutor in their vicinity because they had no access to native Tamil speakers unlike today. 

But with online Tamil classes, all of these challenges are sorted out and one can learn Tamil from anywhere, anytime without having to move outside the bounds of their home. 

The blog details the factors that you must look for, when you are searching for online classes for Tamil. 

What describes the best online Tamil learning environment?

If you are searching for platforms to learn Tamil online, look for the best online Tamil courses. Following are some of the factors that you must keep in mind when you are looking for online Tamil classes. 

Experience in the field

When you are looking for online Tamil courses, look for those with relevant experience. Powerkid Tamil Academy has been in the field for more than half a decade and is known for its quality of online Tamil classes. Our tutors are well experienced in teaching and they know the Tamil language, inside out. 

Native Tamil tutors

When you are searching for the best online Tamil classes, look for the tutor’s hold in the native Tamil language. With increase in penetration of online mediums, it has become easy to access Tamil classes from anywhere, anytime. It has also become easy to access native Tamil speaking tutors. Learning from native tutors is an exciting experience for they know the language in its original form. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, all our online Tamil classes are handled by native Tamil speaking tutors. 

Qualification of the tutors

Qualification of the tutors plays an important role in online Tamil classes. Also, check for their experience in handling children. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, all our tutors are well-qualified and they hold atleast a Masters in Tamil literature. Some of our tutors also hold a Ph.D. in Tamil literature. More importantly, our tutors are well experienced in handling children. So, you don’t have to worry about the extra effort that children demand when it comes to learning Tamil. We always welcome children with open arms, after all, they are the ones who will carry forward the legacy of our Tamil culture and nativity. 

Flexibility in curriculum 

Some people are interested in just spoken Tamil classes online. While there are others who are well-versed in speaking and they are looking for classes to learn to write and read. So, best online Tamil classes offer this flexibility when it comes to choosing what their objective is. Or in other words, the outcome they intend to achieve by taking the course. 

On the other hand, there are some people who already know the basics of Tamil and would like to learn through the intermediate and advanced levels. The online Tamil classes should also have the ability to accommodate to this requirement of the learner. 

At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we offer utmost flexibility when it comes to curriculum and learning style. In case you are interested in just learning the spoken Tamil, our tutor will alter the curriculum accordingly. This is the same when you are interested in just learning to write or read in Tamil. 

Also, we offer online Tamil classes in levels- beginners, basics, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced levels. In case you know the basics and would like to take up classes from the intermediate levels you are welcome to do so. You are free to learn from where you left and our tutor will plan the sessions accordingly. 

Flexibility in Timing

Children living abroad may have different timing requirements when it comes to taking online Tamil classes. They might want to take it either early in the morning or later in the evening or sometimes during the weekends. So, when you are choosing an online Tamil class, choose one that offers classes in your timing. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, our Online Tamil classes are offered in global time zones and you are free to choose the timings that you would like to have the sessions. 

Personalized attention 

While looking for online Tamil classes, choose one that offers personalized attention to the learner. A common problem with group classes is that there are too many learners and the teacher may not be able to pay individualized attention. So, if you are looking for group classes, choose one that has a smaller class size. This way, you can ensure that your child gets the attention he or she deserves. 

The best solution to this problem is to opt for one-on-one classes. When you choose to do personalized classes, you get an opportunity to interact with the tutor directly. Interacting with the tutor and building engagements are very important when it comes to language learning. So, when you are looking for online Tamil classes, always look for those offering one-on-one classes. Powerkid Tamil Academy offers one-one online classes at your convenient timing. This way, we make sure that the child gets personalized attention and the tutor gets to interact with the child and motivate them to speak in Tamil during the sessions. 

Innovative methods and experiential learning

When it comes to language learning, there are a lot of innovative methods and techniques that ease the learning process. A lot of learning platforms also promise experiential learning and hands-on training. So, when you look for online Tamil learning classes, look up for those that offer innovative methods of learning that promote hands-on learning and deeper engagement. 

At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we use the LSRW method to enhance the structure of the Tamil learning process and enhance the outcomes. LSRW stands for Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing and it is a proven framework for language learning across the world. This way, we help learners not only improve the quality of their learning, but also gain a holistic understanding of the language. 

If you are looking for best online Tamil course either for yourself or your children, Powerkid Tamil Academy is the perfect choice. Sign up to our courses at

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