How do you feel when you try to speak in Tamil?

How do you feel when you try to speak in Tamil?
Tamil Language

How do you feel when you try to speak in Tamil?

The ability to bond with fellow Tamils in the mother tongue is always an exciting experience. Read the blog to understand how one feels when he or she knows how to speak Tamil

Tamil language is one of the oldest surviving languages on earth. It is spoken by more than 80 million people across the world. It has an unparalleled history and some of the richest literary works. It always sends a sense of tingle down your spine when you speak Tamil in its native accent. It is a moment of pride to be knowing to speak in Tamil that is recognized as one of the oldest surviving and classical languages on earth. More so, to connect with people in the mother tongue is a luxury in itself. 

The blog is an endeavour to capture how one feels when they try to learn Tamil and speak in their mother tongue. 

Pride and happiness. 

To a majority of us, language is not a mode of expression and a medium of communication. It goes beyond to carry forward one’s legacy, culture, and heritage. Tamil is known for its richness in terms of literature and culture. Speaking in Tamil makes us feel proud in the sense that we are able to master the a language that is held in high stature across the globe. Beyond, to be able to speak in mother tongue even though we are living in different parts of the world surrounded by people of different culture makes us feel proud and happy. It also reveals the significance and importance we place to our mother tongue. 

Boost one’s confidence

To be able to speak Tamil and communicate with others in the mother tongue amplifies one’s self confidence. It enables us to communicate with our relatives and friends in the mother tongue. Learning Tamil in the most professional way and speaking Tamil rightly adds to our self-esteem. When you know Tamil, you can confidently participate in Tamil meetups, forums and online communities. You can take up activities organized by them. This way you can make friends and bonds with fellow Tamils living across the world. 

When you know Tamil, it is easy to travel across countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Fiji, and so on where Tamil is widely spoken. You can visit such places at ease. 

Also the Tamil community is spread across the world. If you are living in USA, UK, Canada or African countries, there could be a lot of Tamils living in your vicinity. So, when you learn Tamil and converse in the language, you feel confident and your self esteem grows high. 

Feel emotionally attached to your community

Nothing works like mother tongue when it comes to forging stronger bonds with the community. When you know Tamil, you tend to bind emotionally with your counterparts and there is always a sense of belonging and attachment. This is more important when you live abroad, in a foreign country, where you are not always surrounded by Tamil-speaking relatives or friends. 

The Tamil sangams that have evolved in different parts of the world conduct several programs and events. They are an opportunity for you to develop relationships and build bonds with the Tamil people living in your vicinity. So, when you learn Tamil, it becomes easy for you to attend such programs and make friends there. There is always a wide difference in the intensity of bond when you make conversation with them in English and the Tamil language. There is always an emotional quotient in play that not only eases your conversation, but also helps you forge stronger bonds. 

Happy about carrying forward the legacy of Tamil

Tamil is one of the oldest languages on earth and has survived 1000s of years of invasions to only evolve stronger and stronger. It is always on us to carry forward the legacy to the next generation. We come across a lot of parents struggling to help their children learn Tamil language. This is more an intensive problem when you as a parent don’t know the intricacies of the Tamil language. So, when you know Tamil and the language in detail, it is easy to carry forward the language to the next generation. There is always a sense of satisfaction when you know the mother tongue and Tamil language. 

Retaining the cultural elements becomes easy

Culture has more to do with the language. Tamil culture is unique and has a comprehensive system that has evolved over a period of time. When you know the Tamil language, we feel so attached to Tamil culture that it only remains natural to hold on to the culture. This is more important when we live abroad and exposure to Tamil language as well as the Tamil culture is very limited. It also feels comfortable and soothing when we have to participate in Tamil wedding ceremonies and celebrations. We also get to embrace the feeling of celebrating Tamil festivals. 

What is the most effective way to learn Tamil at home?

With the evolution of online mediums and digital platforms, learning Tamil has become so easy. Following are some easy ways to learn Tamil. 

  • Make it a habit to speak in Tamil at home. 
  • Help your children read Tamil books. If they are too young and find it difficult to read, you shall read Tamil stories for them so that they can perceive the key aspects of Tamil language. 
  • Take your children along when you get to meet Tamil speaking friends and families. 
  • Always have the habit of celebrating Tamil festivals as a family. This would help understand our Tamil culture and its intricacies. 
  • Introduce them to Tamil literature when they mature. Tamil literature is wide and globally renowned for its philosophical stances. 
  • The easiest way to learn Tamil online is to enroll them in online Tamil classes. This helps your children learn Tamil more professionally and effectively. 

How to learn Tamil online?

If you are exploring options to learn Tamil online, Powerkid Tamil Academy is the right place. We have one-on-one, online Tamil classes conducted by native Tamil teachers who know the in and out of Tamil language. All our classes are totally customized and you are free to start from wherever you left.

You can choose to learn Tamil in your convenient time as we do take online Tamil classes in global time zones. If you are leaning Tamil language because you are traveling to a Tamil speaking country, you can choose just to learn the spoken Tamil language. You are free to choose whatever you wish to learn and how you would want to learn Tamil online.

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