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Learn Tamil Online Course
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Learn Tamil Online Course

The blog lists down the advantages of learning Tamil through online Tamil courses and presents tips on how to choose the right Tamil course for your child.

Tamil courses are demanded more than ever. People who have migrated abroad are interested in carrying forward to Tamil to the next generation of kids and children. Given this, the increase in penetration of internet and online mediums have made learning Tamil has become easier than before. Now children and adult Tamil aspirants have a plethora of options to choose from when they want to learn Tamil online

The blog lists some of the advantages in doing a Tamil online course along with the tips and tricks to choosing right Tamil online courses. 

So, if you are looking for online classes for Tamil either for you or your children, this blog is just for you. 

Advantages of online Tamil courses

Hassle-free Tamil learning

Children living abroad learn Tamil in addition to their regular classroom learning and education. Previously, learning Tamil through physical classes was cumbersome as they had to push themselves beyond their homes after their regular schooling. Best Online Tamil classes have reduced the complexities around learning Tamil and children get to learn Tamil from anywhere, anytime. Introduction of online tamil courses reduced the hassles around learning Tamil – whether it is about transportation or timing. 

Access to native tutors

Before the emergence of online classes for Tamil, children living abroad had to depend on Tamil tutors who were residing in their area to learn Tamil. Even if their degree of proficiency was limited, children had to go ahead with those available. Their access was limited. But, with penetration of internet and online Tamil classes, children gained access to native Tamil tutors. The native tutors had a greater level of proficiency and they knew the Tamil language inside out. Through online classes for Tamil, children had the opportunity to learn from the best minds in the industry. This made learning easy and deep. 

Access to learning resources

A plethora of learning resources are available online to help children learn Tamil in the most engaging way. Previously, children had to depend on books and classroom materials to learn Tamil. But, with deeper penetration of internet, children now have a variety of resources that they can use to learn Tamil. There are animation videos, worksheets, visual materials, audio materials, etc. that can help them learn Tamil quickly and effectively. 

Innovative methods of learning

There are several online Tamil courses and you have the opportunity to choose the best for your child. While we detail about how to choose the right online Tamil course in the coming section, Powerkid Tamil Academy is known for offering high quality, one-on-one online Tamil classes. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, one of the best Tamil learning websites and platform, we adopt an innovative approach to Tamil learning. We use the highly proven L-S-R-W (Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing) framework. Meaning, we do focus on imparting all aspects of the Tamil language learning. 

L-S-R-W framework at Powerkid Tamil Academy

When it comes to Listening, we tune our reader’s mind to comprehend the language immediately. We do so by reciting poems and interesting stories so they kindle the expectation of the listener and keep them engaged to the story. 

On the other hand, when it comes to Speaking which is the second most important aspect of language learning, we help the learner express their thoughts and emotions using words and sentences in the most creative manner. This way, they learn to communicate their thoughts in Tamil to the outside world.

Reading is the third most important aspect of language learning. During our online Tamil classes, we follow diverse strategies to motivate the learners and instill reading habit in them. Our sessions help learners in better comprehending the language. 

Writing is an essential skill when it comes to language learning. As a part of our online Tamil classes, we teach children to write starting from basic words and progressing through learning to write complex sentences. This way, they learn the right usage of grammar and also, eventually get to write fluently in Tamil. 

How to choose the right online Tamil courses?

Following are some tips that you can follow to choose the right online classes for Tamil

Check for the reputation of the course provider

Before you take up online Tamil courses, do a thorough check of the reputation of the course provider. Look for their experience in providing the course. Powerkid Tamil Academy is known for providing online courses and has been in the field for more than 5 years. So, before you choose a Tamil course, look up for the reputation of the academy and the course provider. 

Choose live classes over recorded sessions

There are a plethora of online Tamil courses available. A lot of them offer recorded videos instead of doing Live sessions. But children find it interesting to learn through interactions happening in live classes. Recorded sessions are mundane and boring and children lose consistency in learning. So, when you choose the Tamil learning classes online, look up for one that offers live classes instead of opting for recorded sessions and courses. 

Right Tutor guarantee 

Online Tamil course providers allocate tutors to the learners based on their requirements. Check if they also provide option to request for a change of tutor whenever there is a need. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we assure that we allocate the right tutors and you will get the best of tutors. In case you need a change, you are allowed to request for a change of tutor anytime during the course. We will do that right away and no questions will be asked. 

Learning materials

Learning materials are equally important when it comes to choosing Tamil learning classes online. Choose one that offers worksheets, visual materials, audio materials, and resources. When you signup to the online Tamil course at Powerkid Tamil Academy, we offer a plethora of learning materials and resources. 

Innovative approach

When you choose an online Tamil course for you or your child, choose one that teaches Tamil following an innovative approach. There are several ways to impart languages to children. Check for the effectiveness of the methods followed by a course provider. As explained earlier, at Powerkid Tamil Academy, we adopt an innovative LSRW approach to learning Tamil. 

If you are looking for an effective option to learn Tamil online, sign up to our online Tamil courses at

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