Author: Sindhu Bharathi

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How to learn Tamil quickly and easily?

The key to efficient grasping and mastering of a language comes …

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How to learn Tamil the right way?

Tamil is one of the longest surviving, classical languages in the …

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Why learn Tamil at Powerkid Tamil Academy?

Tamil, the classical Dravidian language is spoken by a vast community …

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Is it hard for children living abroad to learn Tamil?

As a Chinese saying goes, learning a new language means opening …

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Learn Tamil through online Tamil classes

Though there are a plethora of ways to learn Tamil, the …

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How to learn Tamil from home?

Learning Tamil or any other language is a matter of continuous …

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Tamil Parappurai Kazhagam to help Tamil diaspora learn Tamil

The Tamil Nadu Government in its latest order has proposed creation …

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How to learn Tamil through online Tamil classes?

Learning to speak, write and read in Tamil can be done …

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Online Tamil Classes at Powerkid.

Powerkid Virtual Tamil Academy is the one-stop shop for all Tamil …

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Celebrating Mahakavi Bharathiyar – The Eternal Tamil Poet

Born and brought up at Ettayapuram in the then Tirunelveli district, …

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5 ways to say ‘Hi’ or a ‘Hello’ in Tamil language

Tamil people are known for their uniqueness in inviting people, treating …

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Who is Kaniyan Poongundranar? What made him famous?

Hailing from a humble background in Sivagangai, Kaniyan Poongundranar made his …

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