Discover a smarter way to learn Tamil

Discover a smarter way to learn Tamil
Tamil Language

Discover a smarter way to learn Tamil

There are a plethora of ways to learn Tamil and the blog lists out some of the ways in which you can learn Tamil. Pick the one that best suits your learning style and objectives

Some people learn Tamil because they wish to travel to Tamil speaking countries; Some others choose to learn Tamil out of their interest and passion; While some others learn Tamil because it is their mother tongue. This is more common with people living abroad and their exposure to the nativity and Tamil culture is very very low. A lot of times, children of Tamil parents who are born and raised in other countries struggle to learn Tamil because they haven’t been greatly exposed to the language. 

A lot of times, we are asked by especially those living abroad about various options to learn Tamil. Being in the field for more than 5 years, our experts have curated easy-peasy ways to learn Tamil. The penetration of online platforms and evolution of digital mediums have made it easier for you to learn Tamil. 

The blog presents reasons as to why it is important to learn Tamil and ways to master Tamil with an intention to help people interested in learning Tamil. 

Why is it important to learn Tamil?

  • Learning Tamil widens your exposure to the world around you. Tamil speaking people are spread across the globe. More than 80 million people across the world speak Tamil and so learning Tamil helps communicate when you travel across the world either for work, study, travel, and for other purposes. 
  • Learning Tamil helps build connection and bonding to the native. People who have migrated abroad lose their touch with their mother tongue and native culture. For those people, learning Tamil and speaking it in the original form helps foster deep connections with the native. 
  • As mentioned above, Tamil diaspora is spread across the world. So, when you live abroad learning Tamil helps become a part of the Tamil community in your area. Thoughts and opinions are at their best form when expressed in the mother tongue. So, learning Tamil helps one curate their opinions in the Tamil language. 
  • Tamil literature is world renowned. When you learn Tamil, it also opens a wide door of opportunities for you to explore the Tamil literary works. 
  • Tamil culture is unique and places significant importance to values, traditions and ethics. So, learning Tamil language helps you understand the cultural intricacies of the Tamils and motivates you to lead a life of values and morals. 

How to learn Tamil, the smarter way?

Learn Tamil Online through online Tamil classes

There are a plethora of ways to learn Tamil. The evolution of digital and video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google meet have made Tamil learning easier than ever. The ability to learn Tamil online offers children and adult learners the luxury of learning from home without having to move anywhere. If you are looking forward to learning Tamil in a professional and efficient manner, online Tamil classes are the best option. 

Powerkid Tamil Academy is the world’s largest online Tamil academy and offers one-on-one, online Tamil classes. Our classes are totally customized and learners can choose 

  • what they want to learn, 
  • how they want to learn, and 
  • when they want to learn. 

All our classes are conducted by native Tamil teachers who know the subject very well. Our teachers are selected following a rigorous Powerkid Policy and all of our teachers hold atleast a Masters in Tamil literature. They are also trained and well-experienced in handling children. So, online Tamil classes at Powerkid Tamil Academy are an opportunity to learn Tamil online in the most efficient manner. Beyond, online Tamil classes follow LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) Framework. This helps children build holistic skills and competencies in the Tamil language. 

93% of students who enroll with us learn Tamil in 90 days?

Another notable feature of our online Tamil classes is that the learner can choose to learn from wherever they wish – basics, intermediate or advanced levels. Some people just wish to know the basic words so they manage their travel to a Tamil speaking country. They can just choose basic classes and learn Tamil in the speaking form. While some others know the basics already, and are interested in taking a deeper dive into the intricacies of the Tamil language. Such people can choose to learn Tamil in the advanced form. So, we let people decide how and what they want to learn. 

Online Tamil resources

A plethora of Tamil resources are available online. They help one learn Tamil effectively and efficiently. Podcasts, YouTube videos, Audio books, and several other learning resources are available online. When you enrol yourself to learn Tamil online through online Tamil classes from Powerkid Tamil Academy, we provide exclusive Tamil learning resources. This way, you can supplement the learning through online Tamil classes with the learning resources available online. 

Practice is the key

Nothing works like practice, when it comes to learning a new language. So, if you are interested in learning Tamil language, keep practicing as much as you can. Always make it a habit to speak in Tamil at home and when you are meeting Tamil speaking friends. In the beginning, the struggle is real. But, when you get used to the language, it becomes very easy. So, do not be discouraged with the mistakes that you make in the beginning. Always remember that you are just evolving and perfect Tamil is around the corner. 

Make it a rule that you should only converse in Tamil at home. If your child is young, you can try motivating them to read basic Tamil books. They may not interest in the beginning. So, when you start, try reading it aloud for them. Choose a book that interests them more. This way the children will get a hold of key Tamil words and sentence structures easily and effortlessly. Never be afraid of speaking the Tamil language. Online Tamil classes are a platform to communicate with the teacher in Tamil. 

Movies, Music and Books

Watching movies and listening to music are some of the easiest and exciting ways to learn Tamil or any new language. When you let your child watch Tamil movies, they get to grab new words and understand their meaning in a more profound manner. They also get an understanding of the sentence structure and pattern and a better hold in speaking. Listening to music also introduces the Tamil language in a deeper format. Tamil movies are well renowned for their subject that is spread across a broad spectrum ranging from action, thriller, fantasies, sentiments, and so on. 

Books are also an interesting way to learn Tamil as Tamil literature is globally renowned. You may consider reading Thirukkural, Bharathiyar kavidhaigal, Silapadhikkaram, Naaladiyar, Ponniyin Selvan and so on. They are some of the interesting reads. 

Online Tamil classes

If you are interested in learning Tamil through online Tamil classes, Powerkid Tamil Academy is the place for you. We offer a free demo and the right match guarantee where you can request for a change of tutor if you are not comfortable learning with them. 

Call us at +91 74033 33135 to book your online Tamil classes.

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