What are the most effective ways to learn Tamil at home?

What are the most effective ways to learn Tamil at home?
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What are the most effective ways to learn Tamil at home?

From watching movies and listening to music, to joining Tamil forums, there are a lot of ways to learn Tamil. The blog lists some of the interesting ways for you to learn Tamil online. 

No matter if you are learning Tamil to be able to build efficient conversations during your travel, study or work, it is a rewarding experience. It is an opportunity for you to explore its wide literature and perceive an understanding of the Tamil culture. Learning Tamil also helps build stronger bonds with the native. This is particularly important when you are living abroad, where your exposure to the Tamil language is very low. So, the only way for you to establish a native connection and strengthen the bonds is to learn Tamil and master its intricacies. This way you get to gift your child and family members an opportunity to bond with the native and cary forward Tamil to the next generation in the family. 

There are several ways to learn Tamil. More so, with the evolution of digital platforms and online mediums, several opportunities have emerged. Apps, Youtube videos, online Tamil classes, podcasts, and many more ways have evolved to help people learn Tamil and carry forward their legacy. 

The blog presents some of the interesting and most effective ways to learn Tami from being at home. 

Make it a habit to speak in Tamil at home   

Building conversations at home in Tamil is the easiest and effective way to learn Tamil at home. This is more important when you are living abroad and your exposure to the Tamil language is very low. Ensure that you talk in Tamil at home all the time. This way your children also get used to the accent and when they hear conversations in Tamil, they learn to speak more effectively. A lot of times, we come across parents who are worried that their children are mixing up Tamil and English when they learn Tamil. As far as we have seen, this is a great sign of improvement and you must celebrate such moments. Do not worry much as they will eventually master the Tamil language. Also, parents are sometimes worried about their children speaking Tamil in the English accent. We must understand that it takes some time for children to master the language in its original accent. Give them some time and be patient until then. They would eventually master the Tamil language. 

Gift Tamil books to your children

Reading is an important skill when it comes to learning a language. 

Children who read a lot master the language more easily than others?

So, on important occasions, have a habit of gifting Tamil books to your child. Also make Tamil reading an important part of your everyday routine. Motivate your child to read Tamil books since a young age. Keep in mind that in the initial stages, your children may seem disinterested in reading Tamil books. But, do not give up. In the beginning, you may read aloud so atleast they get to hear Tamil words and sentences. Make it a habit to read atleast a few paragraphs to your child in Tamil everyday before you go to sleep. This would eventually become a habit and it becomes easy for your child to master the Tamil language. 

Take up online Tamil classes and learn Tamil online

One of the easiest ways to learn Tamil professionally is to take online Tamil classes. The penetration of internet complemented by the accelerated pace of digitalization has made it easier for people living abroad to learn Tamil online. If you are looking for online Tamil classes for you or your children, you should try Powerkid Tamil Academy. We offer one-on-one, personalized Tamil classes and our teachers are from native Tamil speaking communities. They are professionally trained to handle children. An essential part of our online Tamil classes is the customization that we offer in all stages – right from deciding the objective of the course, timing and schedule, level one would like to start with, and intended outcomes. 

One can decide on the objective of the course for themselves or for their children – whether it is to master reading, speaking, writing, or all of them. The learner shall also decide on the timing and schedule – we understand that children have usual classes and so we let you decide on the convenient timing for your children. We offer classes in global time zones. When it comes to level, we offer classes in five different levels – beginner, basics, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced levels. Say, in case you are well-versed in basics, and would like to start with advanced level of learning, you are free to choose so. Outcomes and milestones can also be customized based on your intended learning objectives. 

Watch Tamil movies

It is always exciting to learn Tamil in a fun and engaging way. Tamil movies are an interesting option to help your children learn Tamil. You could make it a mandate to watch Tamil movies during the screen time of your family. Tamil film industry is well known for its quality movies. They span various genres from humor, action, thrillers, to emotions and family based. If you are searching for a good Tamil movie to play it for your children, you may consider the following – Kaaka Muttai, Anjali, Abiyum Nanum, Deiva Thirumagal, Pasanga, Saivam, Thanga Meengal. Children enjoy watching visual content and so children find it easy and enjoyable to learn Tamil by watching movies.  

Listening to Tamil music also helps. It is also an easy way to grasp Tamil words and master them once for all. When you live in foreign countries, you get a chance to visit Tamil concerts including those from renowned musicians like Ilayaraja, AR Rahman, and so on. Try taking your children to such concerts.

Join online forums and communities

Exposing your children to Tamil language as much as possible is the easiest way to learning it. You may join online Tamil forums and be a part of Tamil sangams in your vicinity. This way you can make a lot of Tamil speaking friends. Encourage your children to interact with them in Tamil. Have frequent meetups and try dining out with them in a Tamil restaurant once in a while. This is an easy way to inculcate Tamil language and the cultural intricacies in your children. You may also try joining forums and communities that exist in social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. 

Looking for an online Tamil class?

If you are looking for an option to learn Tamil online, you are at the perfect place. Powerkid Tamil Academy is the world’s largest online Tamil academy built with a vision to take Tamil language to the next generation of kids and young people. Your children also get an opportunity to learn Tamil directly from native Tamil speaking teachers who know the in and out of the language. 

Sign up to online Tamil classes at . For more information and details, talk to our academic director at +91 74033 33135. 

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