Online Tamil Classes at Powerkid.


Online Tamil Classes at Powerkid.

Powerkid Virtual Tamil Academy is the one-stop shop for all Tamil learners. We envision to become the world’s largest Tamil online learning academy and we are currently in the process of working out affiliation with the famous Thanjavur Tamil Academy. All our Tamil classes are conducted online and are one-on-one. Tamil online classes at Powerkid are completely customized to meet the learning requirements of the learner. The other good thing about this course is that there is no age restriction. We believe that no time is better than now and aim to cater to anyone who is willing to learn Tamil. 


How effective are Tamil online classes?

Tamil people are spread across the world. Tamil language is primarily spoken by more than 80 million people across the world. It is recognized as the official language across 3 countries in the world, namely, India, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Tamil people have migrated to the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Fiji, Middle-east countries like UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. Learning Tamil language would help to interact with such people across the world. It would also broaden your exposure to Tamil culture and its rich heritage. 



Some of the migrants feel that they have lost connection with the native language. They wish that their children get some exposure to the language so  that they can maintain the cultural lineage with the native place. High speed internet connectivity, digital medium and online platforms, have made Tamil learning possible from anywhere in the world. Our Tamil online classes are designed to cater to the Indian diaspora spread across various countries in the world. 


Why should you opt for Tamil online classes at Powerkid?


Fully customized online course

Our Tamil online classes cater to a wide range of audience as we have no age restriction on who can take up the course. The classes are fully customized in terms of curriculum, schedule and the class timings. We tried to shrink the world, but when we couldn’t do that we broadened ourselves to cover the world. We work in global time zones and our Tamil classes are scheduled as per the requirements of the learner. This is to ensure that the learner is able to meet his other official duties and school or homework assignments if the learner is a student.  

Classes are conducted by native Tamil speakers

Our Tamil course is designed and delivered by native Tamil speaking teachers. They know the in and out of the Tamil language. We have a stringent Powerkid policy based on which we select our teachers. Firstly, we look for their qualifications. A lot of teachers hold a Ph.D in Tamil language and all of them hold Master’s degrees. We also select them based on their experience and expertise. Good learning times, guaranteed. 

Live classes led by the Tutor

Though there are a lot of Tamil online courses available all over the world, a lot of them are webinars or video tutorials. The learner will not have access to interact with the tutor or raise his/her doubts to the teacher directly. The student has to learn on his/her own. This is not effective most of the time. At Powerkid, all our tamil classes are online, and are led by the tutors themselves. The student gets an opportunity to interact with the tutor and get his questions answered then and there as they crop up. This way the student receives personalized attention and learns under the watchful eyes of the teacher. 

Online Tamil classes at Powerkid are taught in levels

At Powerkid virtual Tamil academy, Tamil online classes are conducted in five different levels – Beginners level, Basic level, Pre-intermediate level, Intermediate level and Advanced level, to cater to the learner’s requirements. It is not that the students should always begin to learn from the first level or basic level. The learner is free to choose from any level that he or she wants to learn. You can choose to learn from where you left.  

Level – 1 Beginner level

Learn alphabets – Uyir and Mei eluthukkal and read pictures based on the same apart from the days of the week, months, vegetables, flowers, fruits, animals, insects,  rhymes, and numbers from 1-10

Level-2 Basic level

Acquire a thorough knowledge of all the Tamil alphabets along with understanding the sound of each letter, fluency in reading 2-3 letter words, next level of vegetables, fruits, flowers, animals, tastes, and the sounds of animals and nature; Learn to speak short sentences and to introduce oneself in Tamil.

Level-3 Pre-Intermediate level

Read short sentences, understand its meaning and answer short conversations; Understand the family relationships; Learn antonyms, match words to pictures and describe an object in 2-3 sentences; Read one line poem in Aathichudi and Kondrai Vendhan.

Level-4 Intermediate level

Write small sentences by observing pictures; Describe objects, express their ideas and solve puzzles; Learn basic grammar, Kural and Nalvazhi poem.

Level-5 Advanced level

Interpret basic poems, folk songs and proverbs; Read passages, answer questions, hold discussions, and learn Moodurai and Kural; Write basic letters, and learn basic grammar on tenses and gender. 

Innovative L-S-R-W framework

We adopt an innovative approach and a proven method of the L-S-R-W framework. The Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing framework is a unique, proven method for imparting language education to students and adults. 


In the listening phase, we work on improving the ability of the learner to decipher and perceive the Tamil resources in audio format. 

In the speaking phase, we work on improving the ability of the learner to transform their thoughts in Tamil into a perceivable oral format. 

In the reading phase, we work on improving the ability of the learner to decipher and perceive the Tamil resources in written format. 

In the writing phase, we work on improving the ability of the learner to transform their thoughts in Tamil into a perceivable written format. 


Access to unlimited resources and learning materials

To make it easy for the learner to grasp the language and strengthen their foodhold on the Tamil language, we offer extensive learning resources and materials as a part of our Tamil online classes. Worksheets, practice sheets, and interactive learning videos are provided as an add-on to the participants at no extra cost. 


Given the above features of Tamil online classes at Powerkid, all that you have to do is to sign up to the course, talk to our academic director, convey your requirements, choose a level and time slot, and kick-start your Tamil learning classes. 


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