5 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Learn Tamil

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Learn Tamil
Tamil Language

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Learn Tamil

Some people learn new languages as hobby or out of their passion and interest; while some others learn a new language because they travel; Some intend to learn the language so they can converse with the locals when they migrate to a new place for work or study. When it comes to learning Tamil, there are a lot of reasons – 

  • For it is one of the oldest languages on earth, and people are interested in learning the classical language. 
  • Learning Tamil opens a wide array of professional opportunities.
  • Tamil literature is world renowned and is extremely vast.
  • Tamils have a unique culture and to understand the intricacies of the culture, it becomes important to know the Tamil language. 

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, a lot of times, people living abroad are interested in carrying forward the legacy of their native and lineage of their origin. Language serves as a primary mode to establish a native connect. So, a lot of people learn Tamil language to hold on to their connection with the native and explore its wide culture and literature. 

The blog details top 5 reasons as to why one must learn Tamil and its intricacies. 

Communicate with more than 80 million people

Tamil language is spoken by more than 80 million people across the world?

Tamil language is predominantly spoken in many Asian countries including Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and India. A lot of Tamil speakers reside in South Africa, Fiji, Mauritius, Myanmar, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and so on. So, when you either travel for leisure, or migrate to pursue education and career opportunities, learning Tamil helps communicate easily. This is more important when you travel or migrate to Tamil speaking countries. 

Learning Tamil and having conversation with the native people in their mother tongue helps build stronger bonds with the locals. Nothing brings together people like a language does. Though there could be disparities by birth, creed, caste, religion, etc, Tamil language brings people under a single roof. 

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Explore the wide array of literature

Tamil language is extremely rich and vast. Sangam period was an exemplary period for the Tamil literature and was known as ‘The poetry of noble ones’. It witnessed some of the renowned literary works of Tamil language including Tholkappiyam, Patthupaatu, Pathinenkeelkanaku, Ettuthogai, and the twin epics – Manimekalai and Silappadhikaram. 

Ki. Janakiraman, Ashokamithiran, Jayakanthan, Kalki Krishnamurthy, Indira Parthasarathy, Thi. Ka. Sivasankaran, Nanjil Nadan, C.S. Lakshmi, and many more writers have contributed to the Tamil literature. Learning Tamil helps explore the wide literature available in the Tamil language. Apart from the above, poetry, moral stories, and epics from Bharathiyar, Bharathidhasan, Thiruvalluvar, Kambar, Avvaiyar, etc. have stood a test of time to evolve into some of the most renowned and popular works until today. 

Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki Krishnamurthy captures the history of Cholas in the most elegant way. For you to understand and consume the literary works, it becomes essential to learn Tamil. 

Explore the rich Tamil culture 

Tamil people are extremely cultured and have strict adherence to their beliefs and cultural norms. And the Tamil culture is very unique. Some examples are as follows. 

  • When a guest arrives at a home, they should be treated with respect and honour. Tamil people generally have the habit of offering water or a drink as they tend to assume that the guest or the visitor would have travelled miles to reach the place and so they must be tired. 
  • Tamils place an extremely high importance to Virundhombal. When a guest arrives at a home, people make sure that they serve him or her, the most delicious food varieties. 
  • Tamils have the habit of drawing kolam at the entrance of their house. This is done in the early hours of every day, at dawn, and is a sign of welcome to guests. Also, the kolam is made with rice powder. This serves as feed to ant and other insects around the house. Tamils have always been thoughtful of other living beings and have immense respect for them. 
  • Tamils do not say bye or “போறேன்”, when they are leaving a house. They instead say, “போயிட்டு வாரேன்” meaning I will be back after sometime. They consider it as a sign of positivity. Tamils have placed a paramount importance to the emotional aspect. 

So, to understand more intricacies about the Tamils and their culture, it becomes important to learn Tamil. 

Establish a native connect

The best way to hold on to the native is to learn the language. So, if you are a Tamil, living abroad and would like to introduce the Tamil culture to your children, motivating them to learn Tamil is the best thing you can do. When you are living abroad, your exposure to the language is minimum that the children have a real struggle when it comes to knowing Tamil language and understanding its culture. 

A lot of times, parents are so anxious that their children are not focused when it comes to learning Tamil. Here are a few tips that you may consider following  –

  1. Talk as much Tamil as possible at home. 
  2. Watch Tamil movies and listen to Tamil songs, for they are an easy way to learn Tamil
  3. Encourage your child to talk in Tamil, even if they make mistakes.
  4. Do not worry if your child mixes Tamil and English when they speak. Or, they speak Tamil in an English accent. Be always happy about the progress they are making. If you keep motivating them, they will eventually master the Tamil language. 
  5. Admit them to online Tamil classes so they can learn Tamil online.
  6. Watching YouTube videos also helps learn Tamil quickly and efficiently.  
  7. When it is festival time, ensure that you celebrate all Tamil festivals right from pongal, deepavali, karthigai deepam, to Tamil Newyear. Celebrating festivals are an easy way to introduce Tamil culture to your children. 
  8. When you dine outside, try dining at Tamil cuisines. This way you get a chance to introduce Tamil food varieties to you child. Food is a luxurious way to help your child bond with the native. 
  9. Whenever possible, try exposing your child to Tamil language. Take them to meetups with Tamil friends. Help them become a part of the Tamil community in your area. Take part in online Tamil forums and the activities they organize. 

To watch Tamil movies and listen to Tamil songs

Tamil film industry, or the Kollywood ranks one among the top film industries in the world. It is one of those industries that produce a high number of movies and more importantly, it has movies in all genre. From horror movies and thrillers to romance, comedies and action movies, Tamil film industry is known for its world-class films. Encourage your child to watch more Tamil movies so they can master the Tamil language on the go. 

Also, Tamil songs are soulful and extremely soothing. Tamil film industry has produced two musical stalwarts – Ilayaraja and AR Rahman, who are celebrated across the world. You may encourage your child to listen to Tamil songs. This also helps perceive the Tamil language quickly and efficiently. 

Interested to learn Tamil?

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