Learn Tamil through online Tamil classes

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Learn Tamil through online Tamil classes

Though there are a plethora of ways to learn Tamil, the best among them is to learn live from a tutor through an online class. All thanks to the internet and the digital medium for they have made it possible to learn Tamil from being bound inside the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to move an inch. Perhaps, all that you have to do is to find the right online Tamil course and get yourself enrolled. 

At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we have a rich foundation of helping more than 500 students master the art of learning to speak and write in Tamil, we offer online Tamil classes in all time zones. 

What kind of online Tamil courses do you have?

If you are someone interested in learning Tamil, we offer various kinds of online Tamil courses. What makes us stand out is the fact that we offer 100% customization and personalization in terms of syllabus, curriculum, class timing and outcome. We suggest that you get in touch with our academic director and schedule a meetup or demonstration. We listen to your requirements patiently- you get an opportunity to convey your intended outcome. This helps us in customizing the Tamil online course curriculum and plan. Say some people are interested in learning just the spoken Tamil through English, while some of them are interested in learning to read, write and speak in Tamil. On the other hand, some of them are interested in taking up short-term courses while some others have more time to invest in learning Tamil. 

So, Tamil online classes at Powerkid are totally customized and you can learn Tamil the way you wish from anywhere, anytime in the world. 

How are the classes conducted?

Tamil online classes at Powerkid are conducted live, instructor-led over zoom. What is a better way to learn Tamil than being able to sit one-on-one with an experienced Tamil teacher who knows the in and out of the subject? 

You are free to choose a time slot based on your schedules. We are available in the global time zones as we aim to offer an opportunity for you to learn Tamil at leisure without giving up on your usual schedules and priorities. Learn Tamil during your leisure time from anywhere in the world! Learn written and spoken Tamil through English. 

Are the Tamil tutors well-experienced?

At Powerkid, we have a stringent, rigorous policy to select Tamil tutors who can guide students in learning Tamil. All our tutors have at least a Master degree in Tamil literature and have ample experience of teaching for over 10 years. They are vetted after several rounds of tests and interviews, and only 2% of the applicants get an opportunity to teach through our academy. By doing so, we ensure that we meet the desired outcomes and expectations of the learners. All our Tamil tutors are children friendly and are trained to handle young children with patience. What is even more significant is that all our tutors are native Tamil speakers and have a rich expertise and experience in the culture, heritage and background of the Tamil language. They are also well-versed in English to help students learn written and spoken Tamil through English.

How are the tutors allocated for online Tamil classes?

At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we allocate Tamil tutors based on our initial assessment of the student or the learner. We listen to the requirements of the student who is looking forward to learn Tamil, and then allocate Tamil tutors accordingly. If the student is interested in learning written and spoken Tamil through English, or otherwise, we listen to the student and then make the allocation. 

We assure you that you will get the best of Tamil tutors and a successful learning experience. In case, if you are not comfortable with the teaching style of a tutor, you are free to request for a change of tutor. We would immediately cater to your requirements. No questions asked.  

What is so unique about the approach used at Powerkid to learn Tamil?

At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we help students learn Tamil in levels. We help students to learn written and spoken Tamil through English. While doing so, we use a uniquely designed framework called the L-S-R-W (Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing) framework. It is a proven result oriented approach designed and used by renowned language teachers across the world.

Teaching the language in the sequence of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing helps the students to master the language more effectively and efficiently. 

What is the L-S-R-W framework?

To gain mastery and a strong foothold in a language, it is essential that all the four – listening, speaking, reading and writing are given due importance. Whereas in real time, we often see that reading and writing skills are given a higher priority while listening and speaking skills are ignored. 

At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we proceed in a sequential manner starting from listening to writing, and the amount of effort invested at each stage depends on the requirements of the learner. If the learner is interested in acquiring spoken Tamil through English, due importance is given to the speaking stage. 

Learn Tamil in levels. Master the art of fluent speaking, reading and writing in Tamil. 

Tamil is taught in levels. You are free to start from wherever you left or however you wish. 

Beginner level or Level -1

Learn alphabets – Uyir and Mei eluthukkal and read pictures based on the same apart from the days of the week, months, vegetables, flowers, fruits, animals, insects,  rhymes, and numbers from 1-10

Basic level or Level-2

Acquire a thorough knowledge of all the Tamil alphabets along with understanding the sound of each letter, fluency in reading 2-3 letter words, next level of vegetables, fruits, flowers, animals, tastes, and the sounds of animals and nature; Learn to speak short sentences and to introduce oneself in Tamil.

Pre-Intermediate level or Level-3

Read short sentences, understand its meaning and answer short conversations; Understand the family relationships; Learn antonyms, match words to pictures and describe an object in 2-3 sentences; Read one line poem in Aathichudi and Kondrai Vendhan.

Intermediate level or Level-4

Write small sentences by observing pictures; Describe objects, express their ideas and solve puzzles; Learn basic grammar, Kural and Nalvazhi poem.

Advanced level or Level-5

Interpret basic poems, folk songs and proverbs; Read passages, answer questions, hold discussions, and learn Moodurai and Kural; Write basic letters, and learn basic grammar on tenses and gender. 


Powerkid Tamil Academy is associated with a lot of schools to offer specialized Tamil learning courses to help children and adult learners master Tamil. We are also working out an affiliation with the Tamil Nadu state government so as to enable offering globally certified and recognized Tamil online classes and programs with transferable credits. On the whole, we stand out because we 

  • Offer utmost personalization and customization
  • Native Tamil teachers who are qualified and equipped with skills and competencies
  • One-on-one HD Live sessions
  • Interactive and engaging program
  • Right Match Guarantee for tutors
  • Ample learning materials, tools and resources
  • Offer classes in global time zones
  • Innovative curriculum, L-S-R-W framework

Looking to learn Tamil? 

Sign up to our Tamil online classes at to learn written and spoken Tamil through English. 

Talk to us at +1 (512) 575-3590 or +91 74033 33135 

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