Is it hard for children living abroad to learn Tamil?

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Is it hard for children living abroad to learn Tamil?

As a Chinese saying goes, learning a new language means opening a new window for you to look through the world, learning Tamil adds a different dimension to your children’s life. A lot of times when we talk to parents, we notice that they have a preconceived notion and judgement that it is hard for their children to learn Tamil. 

At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we work to simplify the process of learning Tamil and enable children and adults living abroad to learn Tamil easily. As is the case with any language, the level of difficulty and hardships that one experiences differs from another person. It totally depends on the intent, motivation and the level of comprehension one has in relation to the language that he or she is learning. Learning Tamil is also the same. So, we recommend that you get in touch with our academic directors. Get your myths and questions answered before you take up an online Tamil class. 

Is it true that Tamil has complex grammar?

Well, not really. Tamil language has only 12 vowels and 18 consonants. The grammar of Tamil is pretty simple, structured, and straightforward. If you are a beginner looking forward to learn Tami, getting well versed with the basics of grammar might help you ace the language in no time. Once you master these grammar rules through online Tamil class, learning Tamil becomes very easy and fun. 

1. Singular vs Plural .

Country -Naadu – நாடு ,

Countries- Naadugal – நாடுகள்.

Fruit -Palam – பழம்

Fruits – Palangal – பழங்கள்

Most singular words become plural with a ‘kal’ at the end. 

2. Pronouns

I – Naan – நான்,

She- Aval – அவள்,

He- Avan  – அவன்,

We- Nangal – நாங்கள்,

You – Nee – நீ,

They – Avargal – அவர்கள்.

3. Adjectives

Tall- Uyaramana – உயரமான‌,

Short – Kuttaiana – குட்டையான‌,

Big – Periya – பெரிய‌,

Wide – Agalamana – அகலமான‌,

Long – Neelamana – நீளமான‌,

Short- Siriya – சிறிய‌

4. Prepositions

Behind – Pinnaal- பின்னால்,

Front – Munnal -முன்னால் ,

Before- Munbu – முன்பு,

After- Pinbu – பின்பு,

Inside – Ullae – உள்ளே,

Outside – Veliyae – வெளியே,

Under – Keelae – கீழே,

Above- Melae – மேலே, 

5. Nouns & Verbs

Tenses – Present, Past and Future. 

Once you master these, you are good to go ahead as you have learnt the basics of Tamil grammar. Everything that you learn Tamil during online Tamil classes following this enriches your speaking and writing skills. 

Never translate from English

A common problem we find with people learning Tamil during our online Tamil classes is that they attempt to translate from English or any of the other languages that they are familiar with. Never do so. Never compare Tamil with English as you learn Tamil. You may learn Tamil through English, but it is hard if you continue to translate everything, every single time. We advise our learners to think in Tamil as they learn Tamil. This will improve their speed and overall speaking ability. 

Familiarize yourself with the gender rules

In Tamil, the use of gender is clearly structured and well defined. Learning the appropriate gender usage would strengthen your foothold on the Tamil language. For the first and second person, verb structures remain gender neutral while for third person you should change verb structures according to the gender that you use. 

First Person – I am running – Naan Odi Kondirkiren – நான் ஓடிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறேன்.

Second Person – You are running- Neengal odi kondirkireer – நீங்கள் ஓடிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறீர்.

Third person – He is running – Avar odi kondirkirar – அவர் ஓடிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறார்

Understand the differences in spoken Tamil and written Tamil.

That there exists a difference between the spoken and written Tamil makes it a bit difficult for many learners, particularly those in the beginning phase to comprehend the language. The written format is very formal, and trying to speak the same would make you look like a man from stone-age. It is absolutely ok to make mistakes as you learn Tamil. Consistency in attending the online Tamil classes and taking continuous practice is the key to succeed in learning Tamil language. 

Mark the differences in pronunciation

Pronunciation is a problem especially for people learning Tamil through English. For instance there are three letters in Tamil alphabets – ல், ள், ழ், with almost a similar style of pronunciation though there are well-defined differences. You must be aware of such differences to be able to use those letters appropriately and correctly. 

Is it hard to learn? Tips to learn Tamil easily and effortlessly. 

Take up an online Tamil class

Taking up professional assistance or enrolling yourself to an online Tamil class would help you learn Tamil easily. At Powerkid Tamil academy, we offer one-on-one, live, HD video sessions, with completely customized curriculum and schedules. The entire online Tamil course is taught in levels and the students are free to choose a level that they desire to learn from. 

We also provide additional learning materials and resources to help the learner grab the language at ease. The classes are handled by native Tamil speakers who hold strong expertise in the Tamil language as well as in teaching. Enrolling in such classes would help you learn Tamil through English. You also get an opportunity to interact and engage with the tutor directly in Tamil. 

Surround yourself with Tamil speaking friends

This is rather an easy-peasy way to Tamil and this can be an add on to boost your Tamil speaking skills after taking up a course. Having Tamil speaking friends around you means you get to communicate with them in native language very often. This improves your confidence and foothold in the language. If you are someone living abroad, take your children to South Indian restaurants frequently. You may also make it a point to celebrate Tamil festivals clad in a traditional Tamil attire. You should also take them to Tamil weddings so they become aware of the cultural happenings. By the way, they also get an opportunity to meet and greet Tamil speaking friends. Doing this frequently would help you ace Tamil easily and effortlessly. 

Become a part of the online communities

If you are someone living abroad, you should try to take part in the activities that are organized by the Tamil community in your area. A lot of Tamil forums and Tamil speaking communities have evolved over time- both online and offline. You may become a part of one such community and develop relationships with Tamil people. 

If you are looking for an online Tamil course to enroll yourself or your child to learn Tamil, Powerkid Tamil Academy is the right choice. 

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