Why learn Tamil at Powerkid Tamil Academy?


Why learn Tamil at Powerkid Tamil Academy?

Tamil, the classical Dravidian language is spoken by a vast community of people around the globe. There are more than 80 million Tamil speakers across the globe! The Tamil speakin population is spread across India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, United States,  Canada, Myanmar, Mauritius, Great Britain, Australia, and Countries in Europe and South Africa. It is the official language of the Indian state of Tamilnadu and the union territory of Puducherry. The emigrant Tamils yearn to retain elements of their linguistic, cultural, and religious tradition. The key to staying connected to tradition is “Native Language Literacy”. We at Powerkid Tamil Academy strive to help such immigrants with resources, tools and one-one online teaching, organized and facilitated by native Tamil speakers from India. 

Learn Tamil from World’s largest Tamil Academy!

Power kid is an online Tamil tutoring academy and we offer an innovative curriculum and systematic teaching methodology to assist students to master Tamil efficiently. The methods motivate students to set individual goals and track progress. Learn written Tamil and spoken Tamil in English from our online Tamil classes.

Why learn Tamil?

Tamil courses provided by Powerkid help students master Tamil, spoken as well as written forms. We offer courses either from scratch or at intermediate/advanced levels based on the assessment of the student’s level of expertise at the time of enrollment.  Learn written Tamil and spoken Tamil in English from our online Tamil classes.

Parents receive periodic scorecards for their children to keep in touch with the child’s progress. This enables a personal touch to their child’s learning and faster time to achieve desired results.


Why choose online Tamil classes from Powerkid?


We customize the entire course on Tamil language as we teach from commonly used phrases to advanced levels which is decided as per the learning objectives of the individual. We follow a very adaptive lesson plan. During the initial session, tutors evaluate students’ needs and learning gaps. A customized study plan based on requirements and desired outcomes is made to pay heed to the students’ wants. The first session is covered by Powerkid’s Right Match Promise, that is, if you aren’t happy with it, you don’t have to pay. Learn Tamil in its written and spoken Tamil in English from our online Tamil classes.

The timings are flexible and fully customizable. You can learn Tamil anywhere anytime from the ease of your home. We are open to meetups or demonstrations. We suggest you get in touch with the academic director and get the meeting scheduled to convey your intended outcome as this helps us customize a suitable plan.

One-on-one Sessions

The sessions are held one-on-one to carry on quality interaction and offer higher attention. Tutors fully serve the students, get to know them completely, keep track of their progress and gauge their success and struggles. Students are trained to step up and rely on themselves. The one-on-one sessions give scope for better-personalized attention and less distraction. Learn Tamil one-on-one,  written and spoken Tamil in English from our online Tamil classes.

Interactive and engaging sessions

Our sessions have interactive activities that forgo one-way communication and let them connect with the lesson and not just memorize things. Our tutors are child friendly and are very passionate to keep the students engaged, for learning in power kid is fun-filled and super interesting. Students learn under the watchful eyes of the tutor and can get immediate clarification for the doubts raised. Learn Tamil in a interactive and engaging atmosphere from online Tamil classes at Powerkid Tamil Academy.

Unlimited resources and tools

To make it hassle-free for the learner to pursue the language and its various aspects, learn and master it like a pro, we offer extensive learning resources and materials as part of our Tamil online classes. Worksheets, practice sheets, and interactive videos are provided as supplements to enrich the learning experience at no extra cost. Avail unlimited resources and tools and learn Tamil- both written and spoken Tamil in English from our online Tamil classes.

Learn Tamil from native Tamil speakers

Power kid has a firm policy in recruiting tutors. All the teachers are well qualified, everyone holds a master’s degree, and a lot holds a Ph.D. The teachers are selected based on their expertise and experience. Because they are from the native land, they know the intricacies of the language. We guarantee a thorough learning process enabling the students to connect and interact with the teachers cordially. This enables them to learn Tamil in the best way possible. The foremost aspect is that because all the teachers of Powerkid are native Tamil speakers, they instill a sense of vernacularism in the children.  Learn Tamil from native Tamil speakers, both written and spoken Tamil in English from our online Tamil classes. 

How are courses organized?

The courses from the power kid are strategically categorized to cater to the needs of the learner and to make the learning process more effective and efficient. The courses range from basic to advanced levels. Learn Tamil- both written and spoken Tamil in English in an organized way from our online Tamil classes.

The five different levels are namely, Beginners level, Basic level, Pre-intermediate level, Intermediate level, and Advanced level. The learner can resume or choose from any of the above levels for their ease. This organization helps the learner achieve the varying learning capabilities of children.

Levels – From Beginner to Advanced

Beginner level

At this level, students learn the alphabet. Students are taught Uyir and Mei ezhuthukal and to read pictures based on them. Along with this, days of the months, weeks, vegetables, flowers, fruits, insects, rhymes, and numbers from 1-to 10 are taught.

Basic level

This phase helps students acquire complete knowledge of all the Tamil alphabets along with understanding the sound of each letter, gain fluency in reading 2-3 letter words, next level of vegetables, fruits, flowers, animals, tastes, and the sounds of animals and nature. The students will be able to speak short sentences and introduce themselves in Tamil.

Pre-intermediate level

The students will be trained to read short sentences, understand their meaning, and answer short conversations; understand the family relationships; learn antonyms; match words to pictures; describe an object in 2-3 sentences; Read one-line poems in Aathichudi and Kondrai Vendhan.

Intermediate level

Students are taught to write small sentences by observing pictures; describe objects; express their ideas and solve puzzles; Learn basic grammar, Kural, and Nalvazhi poems.

Advanced level

This level focuses on training students to interpret basic poems; Read passages, answer questions, hold discussions, learn Moodurai and Kural; Write basic letters and learn basic grammar on tenses and gender.

What is the L-S-R-W framework and how does it help?

The L-S-R-W covers the four essentials of language learning. The skills are Learning, Speaking, Reading, and Writing which allow learners to comprehend and produce spoken language for proper and effective interpersonal communication. This is a proven method to impart language education to students and adults. Learn Tamil through L-S-R-W framework,  the written Tamil and spoken Tamil in English from our online Tamil classes.

Here we describe the phases briefly,

1. Learning phase: We work on improving the ability of the learner to decipher and perceive the Tamil resources in audio format. 

2. Speaking phase: We work on the ability of the learner to transform their thoughts in Tamil into a perceivable oral format.

3. Reading phase: We work on improving the ability of the learner to decipher and perceive the Tamil resources in written format.

4. Writing phase: We work on improving the ability of the learner to transform their thoughts in Tamil into a perceivable written format.


Power kid has an exquisite teaching methodology that provides students with an exciting, meritable learning journey. Power kid offers striking features enlisted below.

  •  One to one HD Video lessons
  • Global Timings
  • Passionate teachers
  • Parent-Teacher app
  • World-class Curriculum
  • Practice worksheet
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation 
  • Grammar 
  • Poem
  • Culture 

The appropriate time to enroll to online Tamil class is now!  Learn from the world’s largest Tamil Academy. 

Sign up for our Tamil online classes at to learn written and spoken Tamil through English. 

Speak with us at  +1 (512) 575-3590 or +91 74033 33135

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