How to learn Tamil from home?


How to learn Tamil from home?

Learning Tamil or any other language is a matter of continuous learning and practice. Of late, we get to meet a lot of people who are immigrants, non-resident Tamils living overseas struggling to impart the Tamil language. They also find it cumbersome and hard to introduce the Tamil tradition with its rich heritage, cultural background and legacy. Being in the field of teaching Tamil through online classes for more than 5 years, our expert teachers have curated ways to help the struggling learners ace Tamil at home. From signing up to online Tamil courses to taking your children to Tamil or Kollywood movies, our teachers have covered it all. 

This is the case if you are looking to learn spoken Tamil in English, because spoken Tamil has vast differences with formal versions or written modes of the Tamil language.


Admit your child in Tamil online classes

Taking up professional help would help your child learn Tamil easily. If you are keen in helping your child learn Tamil, admit them to Tamil classes. You may choose Tamil online classes if you would like to help them learn Tamil from within the boundaries of your home. Powerkid Tamil academy offers customized learning Tamil classes to learners from around the world. The classes are handled by native Tamil teachers and experts who hold a strong background in the language. Most of our Tami teachers who take up Tamil online classes hold either a Ph.D in Tamil language or Masters in Tamil literature. 

Tamil teachers are selected through a stringent policy and rigorous process. They are also trained well to handle children and learners very patiently. All our classes are one-on-one and so students get an opportunity to engage directly with the teacher and learn through interaction. This would help the children and the learner learn spoken Tamil in English more effectively and efficiently. 

So if you are looking for an opportunity to help your child learn spoken Tamil or learn Tamil, you should consider putting them into a Tamil class. 


Watching Tamil movies help learn spoken Tamil effortlessly

Motivating children and adult learners to watch Tamil movies during their screen time could help them improve their spoken Tamil skills. Because children love visual materials, and more so, movies, parents living abroad shall motivate them to watch Tamil movies, shows, podcasts and popular Youtube videos. 

Listening to Tamil songs- both from movies and other forms from different music shows also help children learn Tamil naturally and more effectively. You can also take them to Tamil music concerts that musicians organize periodically in foreign countries. 


Celebrate Tamil Festivals to inculcate Tamil culture

Tamil culture is known for its festivals and celebrations. From Pongal, Deppawali to Aadi Perukku, Tamil people celebrate a plethora of festivals every now and then. People living overseas miss out on a lot of festivals and family gatherings. Celebrating Tamil festivals in the way they are celebrated traditionally helps in imparting the importance of such festivals to children. When you get together with other Tamil people living in the vicinity and start celebrating Tamil festivals as a community, your children get an opportunity to interact with a broader circle of people. Frequent gatherings would help children learn spoken Tamil in English effectively and quickly. 


Dine in a South-Indian cuisine or a Tamil restaurant

Food has its unique way of deepening cultural lineages. Whenever you are planning to dine at a restaurant, you may do so in a South-Indian restaurant or a proper Tamil restaurant. This would help them build interactions with the other Tamil people who dine in there or with those employed in the restaurant. This would help them learn spoken Tamil. Children also understand the food habits of Tamil people, on a broader note. 


Motivate children to join Tamil language online community and forums

Tamil diaspora is spread across the world in more than 94 countries. Motivating children to join community groups and forums that exist in Facebook and other social media platforms would help them foster Tamil connections beyond the place they live in. Building interactions on the platform and the community would help them learn spoken Tamil as well as written Tamil effectively. 


Take your children to Tamil weddings in your vicinity

Tamil weddings are known for their rituals and traditions. By taking your children to the Tamil weddings that happen in the community, they get an opportunity to interact with the Tamil people present at the event. This would help them perceive Tamil as well as learn spoken Tamil in a constructive way. 

On the other hand, you get an opportunity to expose your child to the rich traditions and rituals that form the cornerstone of Tamil weddings, culture and tradition. They are a one stop place for children to learn about Tamil food, their habits, and their attire. You may also consider dressing your children in a perfect Tamil attire as you attend weddings and other community events. This would help them understand and appreciate the Tamil culture in a go. 

Get Tamil books to your children

A lot of learning Tamil materials and resources have hit the digital market as well as offline medium. You may explore some basic books that your children are interested in. Powerkid Tamil Academy also offers ample resources, worksheets and learning Tamil materials to help children learn Tamil quickly and effectively. This would inculcate Tamil reading practice in children. Also, visually appealing books and reading materials motivate children to read and learn. The continuous reading would unconsciously improve the spoken Tamil language skills, their grammar, vocabulary and comprehension abilities. 

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