What Powerkid Tamil Academy Offers?

What Powerkid Tamil Academy Offers?
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What Powerkid Tamil Academy Offers?

Powerkid Academy | Learn Tamil Online

Powerkid Tamil Academy is a leading Tamil academy catering to learners from across the world. That we have always been rated a 5 star by our students and parents reveal the quality of our classes. Read the blog to know about our online Tamil class and how it has been a welcome by our parents.

Emigrant Tamils are always on a lookout to keep their linguistic, cultural, and religious traditions alive. “Native Language Literacy” is the key to staying linked to tradition, and Powerkid Tamil Academy is unswervingly committed to supporting such Tamil aspirants. Powerkid Tamil Academy provides online class in Tamil with an innovative curriculum and methodical teaching methods to help them acquire the language skills quickly. The techniques encourage the learners to participate and engage more to be able to learn Tamil quickly and easily. Learn Tamil online through English from Powerkid Tamil Academy.  

Why learn Tamil online from Powerkid academy?

Powerkid’s Tamil classes help students grasp the language in both spoken and written format. Based on the assessment of the student’s Tamil skills at the time of enrolment, we provide courses from scratch or intermediate/advanced levels. Parents receive scorecards for their children on a regular basis to keep track of their growth. This allows for a more personalised learning experience and quicker outcomes. We also ensure it is fun learning Tamil for kids. 

Do you know that 93% of students who enroll in Powerkid Tamil Academy learn to write and speak Tamil in less than 3 months?

L-S-R-W framework

L-S-R-W, or otherwise listening, speaking, reading and writing skills define and dominate the  language teaching and learning. By adopting an innovative methodology like the LSRW framework, we help children learn Tamil quickly and easily through our online Tamil class. So if your question is how to learn Tamil quickly and easily, LSRW framework is the key. Our online class in Tamil is centered on this approach and we inculcate not just speaking skill or reading skill, but a blend of all the skills. 

1. Listening phase: 

During our online Tamil class, we work to improve the listening ability and perception of the student in Tamil language. We present interesting facts, stories, and cultural information that has the potential to make it exciting for the learner and motivating them to listen and perceive. 

2. Speaking phase: 

This is the second most important aspect of language classes and more so, our online Tamil class. We work on honing the student’s ability to transform their thoughts in Tamil into an oral format. When they learn Tamil online through our classes, we push them to engage and interact so they learn to communicate their ideas effectively. 

3. Reading phase: 

During our online class in Tamil, we work to help the student build a regular reading habit. We include practice sessions where the learner has to comprehend and read the Tamil language properly and seamlessly. 

4. Writing phase: 

During this phase of our online class in Tamil, we help the learner transform their thoughts and ideas into a written format. Knowledge in grammar helps.  

What’s so unique about our online Tamil class?

Utmost customization

Our course is completely tailored and customized to match the individual’s learning goals of the learner. Everything can be customized from lesson plan, outcomes, and schedules. We adopt a flexible lesson plan. Tutors evaluate students’ needs and learning gaps during the initial demo session, and a personalized study plan based on their requirements and desired goals is created. The timings are totally flexible and shall be accommodated to the learner’s needs. We offer classes in global time zones to support people living in various countries abroad. We recommend that you contact the academic director and arrange for a meeting to communicate your requirements.

Do you know that the first session is covered by Powerkid’s Right Match Promise? This means you won’t have to pay if you’re not satisfied.

One-on-one live sessions

Unlike some classes that offer recorded videos, Powerkid Tamil Academy offers one-one, live HD classes. This ensures that each learner gets a higher attention and that they are motivated to interact and engage. Our teachers are children-friendly, and exercise utmost patience when dealing with chidren. Our online Tamil class offers the attention children deserves in their learning phase. So unlike group sessions personalized classes are more effective in imparting the language skills. 

Learn Tamil online in levels

We tailor the entire Tamil course to match the requirements of the learner. The entire course is offered in levels from basic and intermediate to advanced levels. The learner is free to choose a level based on his/her skillset and level of expertise. If you are looking for how to learn Tamil the right way, our classes are a perfect. During our introductory session, we assess the learner and offer recommendations based on their skillset and current level of understanding.    

Unlimited resources and tools

We offer ample resources and tools to help the learner accelerate their pace of learning. We provide our learners with learning materials, resources, and video materials. This is an apt if you are on the lookout for how to learn Tamil quickly and easily. Our resources are very engaging and motivate the learner to pursue their online Tamil class. If you are looking for how to learn Tamil from home, our online Tamil class is highly recommended. 

Interactive and engaging online sessions

Students are encouraged to interact so our classes are not one-way communication. Children can connect themselves with the lesson and not just do rote memorization. Our teachers are child-friendly and very happy to involve students in the learning process. Students learn under the close supervision of the teacher and in case of doubts they receive an immediate explanation. Through regular conversations, students can build a hold on their basic conversational skills. 

Learn Tamil online from native Tamil speaking tutors

Powerkid has a stringent recruitment policy for teachers. All teachers are highly qualified and  have master’s degree. Perhaps, a lot of them have Ph.D. They are selected based on their skills and experience and know the in and out of the Tamil language. We guarantee an amazing learning process that allows students to connect and communicate with teachers in a compassionate way. They have the abilities to empower children as they have a vernacular sense of the language. 

How are the coursed organized?

As mentioned earlier, at online Tamil classes at Powerkid are offered in levels- from basic, intermediate and advanced levels. The course is organized in five different levels – Beginner Level, Basic Level, Pre-intermediate Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level. The learner is free to choose a level based on the learner requirements and their current skillset. 


Beginner level

At this level, students learn the alphabet. Students learn to read uyir and ezhuthukal. In addition, days of the month, week, vegetables, flowers, fruits, insects, rhymes, and numbers from 1-to 10 are taught.

Basic level

This phase helps students gain full knowledge of all Tamil alphabets with an understanding of the sound of each letter, fluently reading 2-3 letters, the next level of vegetables, fruits, flowers, animals, flavors, and sounds of animals and nature. Students learn to say short sentences and introduce themselves in Tamil. 

Pre-intermediate level

Students learn to read short sentences, understand their meaning and respond to short conversations; understand family relationships; learn antonyms; combine words with pictures; describe something in 2-3 sentences; Read a number of poems by Aathichudi and Kondraivendhan.

Middle level

Students learn to write small sentences by observing pictures; describing objects; expressing their ideas and solving puzzles; Learning basic grammar, and poems by Kural and Nalvazhi.

Advanced level

This level focuses on training students in the interpretation of basic poetry; Reading passages, answering questions, discussing and learning Moodurai and Kural; Writing the basic letters, and learning the basic grammar of time and gender.


At Powerkid Tamil Academy, the learners are provided an opportunity to learn at their space and their own pace. With a world class curriculum that imparts a perfect blend of different skills including speaking skills, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, poems and beyond all, the rich culture and heritage of Tamils. The online Tamil classes at Powerkid help children living abroad to establish a connection to the Tamil language, its culture, and heritage.

If you are looking for how to learn Tamil the right way, sign up for our online Tamil class at Contact us at +1 (512) 575-3590 or +91 74033 33135.

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