5 ways to say ‘Hi’ or a ‘Hello’ in Tamil language


5 ways to say ‘Hi’ or a ‘Hello’ in Tamil language

Tamil people are known for their uniqueness in inviting people, treating them warmly, and building an everlasting friendship and bond. In Tamil it is called ‘Virundhombal’ and the homes of Tamil people are always prepared to welcome guests all day. The Tamil language, its culture and the people are known for their hospitality. 

A common question that we endure from every learner of our Tamil Language Course is – ‘How do I say a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ in Tamil language?’. This article brings to you 5 different ways of saying a ‘Hi’’ or ‘Hello’ in Tamil. 



‘Vanakkam’ – வணக்கம்

‘Vanakkam’ is the closest to a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ in English. As mentioned, Tamil people are known for their welcoming gesture, and they anticipate the arrival of guests and people throughout the year. If you have made a deeper observation, you could have noticed that women draw ‘Kolams’ and ‘Rangoli’ early in the morning before their homes on all the 365 days. The beautiful design instills a sense of happiness and warmth as people enter the home. 

Vanakkam means ‘bowing down to your soul’  or ‘vanaguthal’, வணங்குதல். People join their hands together with palms touching each other and fingers pointing upwards to the sky as they elegantly welcome their guests with ‘Vanakkam’. 

‘Varaverkkirom’- வரவேற்கிறோம்

‘Varaverkkirom’ is another way of welcoming people with a ‘hi’ or a ‘hello’. Once people enter the home after the kolam, there is a traditional habit of taking Aarthi to welcome the guests inside the home. What is more hospitable than welcoming people with hands joined together and of course, a beautiful smile?

‘Namaskkaram’ – நமஸ்காரம்

‘Namaskaram’ is more of an Indian way of welcoming people. Though it’s a Sanskrit word, it is commonly used by Tamil people. So if you want to say a ‘hello’ to your guest in Tamil, you can very well use ‘Namaskkaram’. 

‘Vanga vanga’ – வாங்க வாங்க‌

Hospitality and gesture of Tamil people take greater heights with their ‘Vanga Vanga’. Once guests enter the home after being welcomed by a beautiful kolam and aarthi, people at home make the guests sit comfortably and relax for a while. They are also offered a glass of water. This is based on the assumption that they would have travelled miles before reaching the home and they must be tired. So if you would like to welcome a Tamil guest to your home, you can do so with ‘Vanga vanga’. 

‘Vandhanam’ – வந்தனம்

Vandhanam is very similar to saying Vanakkam. This implies that ‘you are very happy and pleased with the coming of your guests’. It also expresses your delight in serving them 

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  1. […] வாங்க)’ which means hi..welcome welcome.. He also replies with a ‘Vanakkam’. There are 5 ways to say a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ in Tamil and it is different in each slang. Some say ‘Vanakkam’, or ‘Vaanga, Vaanga’, some people […]

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