Fun learning Tamil for Kids

Fun learning fun for kids
Tamil Language

Fun learning Tamil for Kids

Learning Tamil is easy and quite interesting. It is pretty simple to learn the Tamil language if we can find the right guidance. With the evolution of digital mediums and the penetration of the internet, learning Tamil has become easier than ever before. Though the internet presents ample ways to learn Tamil, it is important that one picks the method that is appropriate to him/her based on their purpose and abilities. 

This blog elaborates on the ways to learn Tamil quickly, easily, and effortlessly. More so, we bring to you the methods of learning Tamil, the right way. 

How to learn Tamil quickly and easily?

It is downright hard to learn a new language, yet it can be made easy and quick when carried forth in a strategic manner. Bilingualism is highly desired when it comes to kids as they can get a hold of the language from a young age. And moreover for adults, as they form an essential part of job search and resumes that display a foothold in multiple languages is found to attract an employer more than otherwise. 

Following are some ideas one can follow to learn Tamil. 

  • The best way to learn a language and understand its aspects is to listen to it. Listen to Tamil speeches and music, more and more, whenever possible. 
  • Befriend Tamil native speakers and converse with them in Tamil,
  • Hear popular music or audio recordings from the language 
  • Try to watch videos in Tamil from your favorite content. If you are interested in politics, watch political commentary in Tamil. If you are interested in understanding science and worldly affairs, watch channels like Discovery Tamil.
  • You can also watch some famous Tamil movies with English subtitles. 
  • It is a great idea to listen to the radio which is indirectly a huge platform to get to know, not just the language but also the people, culture, and practices.
  • Ask your Tamil-speaking friends to pronounce a few Tamil words to you and make an attempt to grasp and play word games. 
  • Learn Tamil online by taking up classes from renowned coaching academies. 

Listed above, are super fun ways for a Tamil learner to try. Another essential way that a learner can acquire hold in the Tamil language is to take up online Tamil classes. They present the luxury of learning from just being inside the home and not having to go anywhere. Powerkid Tamil Academy provides online Tamil classes to kids and adult learners from across the world. As all of them are live, personalized classes, learners find it interactive and engaging to learn Tamil. 

How to learn Tamil the right way?

Now that we have given easy peasy ways if you are looking for how to learn Tamil quickly and easily, we move ahead to bring you how to learn Tamil the right way. Here we capture the important basics that you should master to learn Tamil easily and quickly. 

Know the Tamil Alphabets

The right way to learn Tamil online is to get familiar with the Tamil alphabet and scripts in the first place. Tamil has 12 vowels and 18 consonants. There is one letter that belongs to neither vowels nor consonants and is called ayudham. Also, the vowels and consonants unite and give birth to phonetic combinations, making 247 letters.

Tamil vowels: 

There are two kinds of vowels, short and long vowels.

a  ஆ aa இ i and ஈ ii  உ u  ஊ uu எ e ஏ ee ஐ ai ஒ o  ஓ oo 

 Ayudha ezhuthu ஃ

Tamil Consonants:

Vallinam – வல்லினம்– க் k, ச் ch, ட் t, த் th, ப் p, ற் tr.

Mellinam – மெல்லினம் – ங் ng, ஞ் ng, ண் n, ந் n, ம் m, ன் n.

Idaiyinam – இடையினம் – ய் y, ர் r, ல் l, வ் v, ழ் l, ள் l.

Know 5 ways to say ‘Hi’ or a ‘Hello’ in the Tamil language:

As a new Tamil learner, you might wish to learn 5 ways to say ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ in the Tamil language so you can initiate a basic conversation in Tamil. 

Following are a few ways,

Say Vanakkam:

This is a classically used welcoming word. The one word, Vanakkam (வணக்கம்), is itself so inviting and to add up the warmth, joins your hands with palms touching each other and upward-pointing fingers.

Say Vanga! Vanga!

‘Vanga Vanga’, ‘வாங்க வாங்க’ means come! come! in a very greeting manner. You can also ask them to sit down by saying, ukkarunga! ‘உட்காருங்க.’

Ask ‘Nalla irukeenglaa’ meaning ‘How are you? Are you doing fine?’

Inquire whether they ate by asking, ‘sapteenglaa?’, ‘சாப்டீங்களா?’.’

Ask about their family using the phrase,’ வீட்ல எல்லாரும் நல்லா இருக்காங்களா?’ or veetla ellarum nalla irukaanglaa?.

You can end the conversation by saying, ‘Piragu pakalam’, பிறகு பாக்கலாம்’ or ‘Poitu varen’.


You can also use the word Namaskaram, (நமஸ்காரம்) to invite people. It can be used even though it is a Sanskrit word. 


வந்தனம், Vandhanam means you are pleased by the person’s presence and are serving them happily.


வரவேற்கிறோம், This word means ‘We welcome you ‘. This can be used in a formal context.

These are ways to initiate conversation in Tamil.

Learn the amazing facts about the Tamil language

The Tamil language is an old language whose origin dates back to 5000 years. It has over 80 million speakers worldwide. Amazing, isn’t it? It has got classical language status from UNESCO for its culture, ethnicity, literature, scripts, and texts. It is the official language for countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Srilanka and is spoken in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. One astounding fact is that the Tamil language has over 4 million words, which is a huge number. Learning such amazing facts about the Tamil language might be motivating you to put in the effort and time to learn Tamil consistently. Also, it is important to know how popular it is before you start learning any language. 

Did you know that Tamil is the only language in the world that is personified as God? ‘Tamil Thai’ is the personification of the Tamil language where Tamil is portrayed as a mother. Tamil people worship their language equivalent to how they treat and worship their mothers. 

Know the best Tamil books one must read!

Here are a few highly recommended books for a Tamil learner to read. 

Thirukkural (திருக்குறள்):

It is a philosophical book with a collection of 1330 kurals that educates us on much-needed values for life. It is written by saint Thiruvalluvar.

அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி

பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு

This is the first kural from Thirukural which means, the eternal God is the first in the world since the ‘A’(அ) sound is the first of all letters.

Aathichoodi (ஆத்திசூடி):

It is a collection of 109 single-line quotes which are very insightful. It is a sacred work of Avvaiyaar. Interestingly, it is arranged alphabetically.It starts with

அறம் செய்ய விரும்பு

which means, intend to do right acts.

Kondrai Vendhan (கொன்றை வேந்தன்):

Kondrai Vendhan is a compilation of 91 one-line poems called paakal(பாக்கள்) written by Avvaiyaar.

அன்னையும் பிதாவும் முன்னறி தெய்வம்

Parents are primarily God in disguise. These are so enlightening and value-rich.

Nallvali (நல்வழி):

It is a classic book that depicts ‘The good path’.These books are a must-read to lead a meritorious life. The following lines from Nallvali emphasize the need to do good deeds in life.

புண்ணியம்ஆம் பாவம்போல் போனநாள் செய்தஅவை

மண்ணில் பிறந்தார்க்கு வைத்தபொருள் 

  1. Moodhurai (மூதுரை):

நன்றி ஒருவர்க்குச் செய்தக்கால் அந்நன்றி

‘என்று தருங்கொல்?’ எனவேண்டாம்

These verses from Moodhurai by avvaiyar convey a valuable message. That is, render help to the needy and do not expect gratitude in return.

The above-mentioned books are so inspiring and flooded with values one must pursue. Never miss an opportunity to grab these books and give them a read. 

Other common words in Tamil that you must know

வலது(Valadhu) means right, இடது(Idadhu) left, மேலே(Meley) up, கீழே(Keeley) means down.

 முன்(Mun) Front, பின் (Pin) means Behind.

Aam (ஆம்) and sari (சரி) are used for saying yes and Illai for no.

Say engey (எங்கே) to ask where, eppo (எப்போ) for when, edhuku (எதற்கு) for why.

How to learn Tamil from home?

Online classes in Tamil are a perfect way to learn Tamil as it is mostly hard for people aspiring to learn Tamil to reach out to offline classes or go out to an institution for regular study. Online classes in Tamil are helpful when coaching centers are not available nearby or their timing requirements don’t fit into your schedule. Taking up an online class in Tamil would help you overcome all these hindrances and answer the question of how to learn Tamil easily and quickly. 

If you are looking for one-one, personalized online class in Tamil, Powerkid Tamil Academy has it all. We are committed to carrying Tamil to the next generation. The learner gets an opportunity to learn Tamil from well-qualified, Tamil- speaking native tutors. The learner is free to choose from where he/she wants to start learning – from basics to advanced levels, we have it all. Timings are highly flexible and you can pick one that is comfortable for you. Teachers are well trained to handle kids and adult learners, and they exercise patience when they teach kids. Learn Tamil online from being anywhere, anytime from Powerkid Tamil academy. 

Enroll in an online Tamil class from Powerkid by signing up for our online Tamil class at to learn written and spoken Tamil through English. Talk to us at  +1 (512) 575-3590 or +91 74033 33135.

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