How to learn Tamil quickly and easily?

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How to learn Tamil quickly and easily?

The key to efficient grasping and mastering of a language comes soon after learning the basics. Further expanding one’s learning horizon depending on the more effort we put in, the wider the boundary becomes. The Tamil learner has to be organized, and sincere and must work diligently to stay focused on the Tamil learning journey to reap the sweet fruits of learning the Tamil language. We, from Power kid Tamil Academy power up and boost your kids’ Tamil education and empower them to master the language like a pro! Learn Tamil – written and spoken Tamil in English through our online Tamil classes by directly engaging and interacting with native Tamil speakers.

Check the Tamil classes in your area.

Many institutions that focus on South Asian Studies offer classes in Tamil. Out of those PowerKid Tamil Academy offers classes globally. One can learn Tamil from the comfort of home, anywhere, anytime! The timings are flexible and fully customizable. Powerkid Tamil Academy is open for meetups or demonstrations. We suggest you get in touch with the academic director and get the meeting scheduled to convey your intended outcome. This would helps us customize a suitable plan.

We customize the entire course on Tamil language from basics, that includes commonly used phrases to advanced levels to support the learning objectives of the individual. We follow a very adaptive lesson plan. During the initial session, tutors evaluate students’ needs and learning gaps, and therefore a customized study plan based on requirements and desired outcomes is made to pay heed to the students’ wants. The first session is carried out by Powerkid’s Right Match Promise, that is, if you aren’t happy with it, you don’t have to pay.

Read Tamil words, newspapers and stories.

Develop a practice of reading Tamil newspapers, short stories, and online blogs to get accustomed to the common vocabulary in Tamil. Books that pictorially represent content are excellent aids indeed. There are many online libraries to rely upon. These online libraries provide books of all genres for you to pick and have a good read.

We offer extensive learning resources and materials as part of our Tamil online classes. Worksheets, practice sheets, and interactive videos are provided as supplements to enrich the learning experience at no extra cost. Avail unlimited resources and tools and learn Tamil,  both written and spoken Tamil in English from our online Tamil classes.

Listen Tamil often.

Lend an ear to recorded Tamil texts, perhaps a lot of Tamil lessons, and audio recordings. Unsurprisingly, you will find many YouTube videos related to learning Tamil. Try to watch movies in Tamil, hear popular music and songs, and listen to as much spoken Tamil as possible. Avid listening habit can be brought to reality by communicating with a native Tamil speaker more often. Regularly interact and engage with a friend who speaks Tamil, consistency is the key! Powerkid Tamil Academy website has numerous videos and audio clippings for more assistance.

Converse in Tamil more frequently

Befriend native Tamil speakers and talk with them. Try to become familiar with the accent, pronunciation, and way of spelling words through chatting. They may even teach you words, and short sentences. You would want to go back and forth to the dictionary because you would learn a lot of new Tamil words when you converse with them.

Powerkid has a firm policy to recruiting tutors.  All teachers at Powerkid are well qualified, that everyone holds a master’s degree, and many hold a Ph.D. The teachers are selected based on their expertise and experience. They know the language to the core. We guarantee an enriching learning process. Trained teachers empower students as they get to connect and interact with the teachers in a cordial manner and learn in the best way possible. The foremost aspect is that all teachers of Powerkid are native Tamil speakers who are capable of instilling a sense of vernacularism in the children.

Watch Tamil films with English Subtitles.

The Tamil language has plenty of noteworthy movies in hand. Pick a good movie from your favorite genre and watch them with subtitles of the language you prefer.

Watch sci-fi movies like 24 and enthiran, thrillers like Yutham Sei, romantic starrer like Alai Payudhey, etc… You may also choose other language movies dubbed in Tamil. There are a lot of benefits one can get by watching films while learning Tamil. It makes you a great listener. You get attuned to the accent, diction, slang, varieties, pronunciations, dialect, etc. You can express new ideas and thoughts instantly through the new idioms and phrases you acquired through the watch. It also helps you to retain the words you are trying to pick up.

Become a part of Tamil forums.

You can find people with similar aspirations to that of yours online. They may be a beginner, or a person willing to learn. It is a certainty that even the things that cannot be perpetrated alone can be achieved through working in groups. So get into local groups or lead the formation of one if it isn’t available. There are a plethora of groups on Facebook that you can join and learn. Group conversations and discussions can provide a platform for you to learn Tamil in a worthwhile way. They facilitate cultural understanding and can make you abide by your traditions. is one such platform.

Travel to Tamil-speaking Places.

Tamil speaking cultural centers have become a common platform established to serve the local Tamil Population. You can learn Tamil customs and culture by attending Tamil cultural events which are mostly held in small towns. You may even find people who would love to share their thoughts, expertise, and knowledge with you. If situations turn propitious visit Tamil-speaking countries and give yourself a great exploration.


Learn Tamil and expand your learning horizon by signing up to your Powerkid Tamil online classes at We help you learn written and spoken Tamil through English. We provide fully customized, one-on-one, highly interactive sessions in various levels with unlimited study resources and tools. Learn Tamil from native Tamil-speaking, well-qualified teachers. Grab the opportunity now! Call us at  +1 (512) 575-3590 or +91 74033 33135 and book your demo session.

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