How Language Courses Help Children Learn a New Language?

Learning a new language has its own set of challenges. This blog offers tips and tricks to learn Tamil easily and effectively through online Tamil classes and other means.
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How Language Courses Help Children Learn a New Language?

Learning a new language has its own set of challenges. This blog offers tips and tricks to learn Tamil easily and effectively through online Tamil classes and other means. 

Learning a new language helps children broaden their exposure and opportunities right from a young age. It helps when they grow up and have to travel to new places for career and education. Studies show that it is easy to learn a new language at an early age than at latter stages because the distractions are low. The learning pace is also faster when they learn a new language at a young age. Learning a language at the early stages promotes creativity and boosts their cognitive skills. 

The blog lists a few tips to learn new languages with a special focus on how to learn Tamil at a young age. It also sheds light on how language courses help children learn a new language quickly and more effectively. 

  1. Taking up an online course to learn a new language

If you are looking for a systematic approach to learning a new language, language courses are the best option. Same is the case with learning Tamil. If you are exploring how to learn Tamil, taking a course helps learn Tamil in steps. With the emergence of pandemic and penetration of internet, it has become possible to learn Tamil online through online Tamil classes without having to go anywhere. Powerkid Tamil Academy is a world-class learning academy that offers online Tamil classes to help Tamil learners from all over the world. 

Following are some of the advantages of opting to learn Tamil through online Tamil classes at Powerkid Tamil Academy. 

  • Your children get an opportunity to learn Tamil from anywhere, anytime. 
  • They can learn Tamil online at any time they desire. We tried to shrink the globe and when we couldn’t we expanded ourselves to meet the timing requirements of our learners. 
  • Children get to learn Tamil from wherever they left. In case your child knows the basics of Tamil language learning already, we continue to teach them from intermediate level and take them through advanced levels. 
  • All our online Tamil classes are handled by native Tamil teachers. So your children get an opportunity to interact with the teacher in the native flavour. 
  • At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we offer one-on-one Tamil classes and so we make sure that children get the attention they need. Children also get an opportunity to interact with the teacher in Tamil, which in turn accelerates their pace of learning. 
  • We adopt a systematic approach to Tamil learning. We follow the proven L-S-R-W (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) framework. We focus on imparting holistic language learning skills through this method. 
  • Overall, at Powerkid Tamil Academy, everything is customized – right from curriculum, outcomes to schedule and timing. We work to empower children with knowledge and exposure to the native language. 

More than 93% of children who take up online Tamil classes at Powerkid Tamil Academy master the basics within 90 days of taking up the course?

So, if you are interested in exploring tips to learn new languages, taking up a language course is the best way.

  1. Online learning resources

A plethora of resources are available online to help children and other learners. In case you live in a foreign land and would like to expose your children to Tamil language, there are limited possibilities to expose them to Tamil. In that case, motivate them to watch YouTube videos curated to help Tamil learners. You may also watch out for Tamil movies that have subtitles. When you take up a course at Powerkid Tamil Academy, we offer myriads of online learning resources that children can use to learn Tamil. We also offer worksheets that make learning Tamil fun, engaging and easy. 

  1. Go through a systematic learning process

When you choose to learn Tamil or any other foreign language, follow a step by step process. Never rush through the process. This is also an important reason as to why online Tamil classes are the best way to learn Tamil. Because in language learning classes, we adopt a systematic, structured approach to Tamil learning. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we help children learn the uyir eluthukkal and mei eluthukkal initially. Once they master the vowels and consonants, we take them through the basic words in Tamil. In this stage, they learn the names of vegetables, fruits, flowers, animals, tastes, etc.  And then we help them learn sentence formation and motivate them to introduce themselves in Tamil.

We then move them ahead to intermediate levels, where children learn basic grammar and short poems along with their meanings. In the advanced level, children learn proverbs, formation of complex sentences, tenses, and other important aspects of Tamil grammar. 

  1. Establish a cultural connect 

When you expose your children to a new language, it is important to establish a cultural connection. This makes the whole process easy and effective. Online classes are a boon in that sense, as children get to learn directly from native language speakers. This strengthens their bond with the native land. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, all our classes are handled by native Tamil speaking teachers. This way we ensure that the children are exposed to the native slang as they learn Tamil. Also when they learn a new language like Tamil, learning their culture comes as an inseparable part of learning the language. So, push them more to establish their native connect through the language. Say, when you are exposing your child to Tamil language learning, you may consider the following changes to your lifestyle. 

  • Celebrate Tamil festivals like Pongal, Tamil New Year, Diwali, Karthigai Deepam, Thai Poosam, Mahamaham, and so on. 
  • Watch Tamil movies – You may consider some really good movies like Dheivathirumagal, kaaka muttai, anantham, abhiyum naanum, thalapathy, raja chinna roja, anjali, annai oru aalayam and pasanga.
  • Cook the traditional food and try to dine in as much as possible in Tamil restaurants. 
  • Become a part of Tamil forums and communities. Expose your children as much as you can to Tamil language learning and its culture. This might accelerate their Tamil language learning pace and help strengthen their native connect. 

So, if you are exploring ways to help children learn Tamil, admitting them to an online Tamil class is a great idea. Though other ideas like watching Tamil movies or listening to Tamil songs might help, they may not be as effective as learning Tamil through online Tamil classes. 

Where I can learn Tamil – Looking for online Tamil classes?

If you are looking for online Tamil classes to help your child learn Tamil online, Powerkid Tamil Academy is right there for you. We help children learn Tamil in steps and directly from native Tamil speaking teachers. They are well experienced in teaching and exercise utmost patience when it comes to helping children learn Tamil online. 

Looking for how to learn Tamil? Sign up to our online Tamil classes and teach yourself Tamil at

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