Tips to learning a new language

Tips to learning a new language
Tamil Language

Tips to learning a new language

If you are interested in learning a new language, the blog lists out tips and tricks for you to follow and master the new language. It specifically focuses on helping you master the intricacies of Tamil language. 

At a time when the world is becoming more and more connected, there is a growing interest in learning new languages and their intricacies. Some learn new languages to pursue their travel plans. Some people learn a new language to broaden their business ventures. While some others are interested in exploring a new culture, heritage, and widen their literary intersets. No matter what, learning a new language broadens your knowledge and opens a whole new world of opportunities for you to explore. 

The blog is an endeavor to present some key language learning tips to help people learn a new language along with other information specific to Tamil language learners. If you are exploring how to learn Tamil reading and writing or what is the best site to learn Tamil language, read through the blog for language learning tips. 

What is the easy way to learn language?

  1. Learn to think in that language

The most important piece of information and advice we offer to people exploring how to learn Tamil quickly and easily is this – Always think in the Tamil language. Do not think in English or anyother language and then attempt translation. This is the problem with a lot of people who are attempting to learn new languages. So, if you are language learning tips, this is the first and foremost step. Always think and speak in the same language. It might be difficult in the beginning. But if you are looking for what is the easy way to learn language, it is practice. 

  1. Follow a structured learning process

Do not rush through when you are learning a new language, no matter if it is Tamil or any other language. Exercise utmost patience through the process is an important tip when you are exploring language study tips. Adopt a structured and systematic approach to learning the new language. Say if you are leaning Tamil language, start with vowels or Uyir Eluthukkal, and then move ahead to learning consonants or Mei Eluthukkal. Once you master the vowels and consonants, you shall move ahead to learning basic words and vocabulary. You must start with words that form an essential part of day to day conversations. Once you get a hold of them and start speaking often, you may move ahead to learning complex words and sentence patterns. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we offer a structured syllabus to help Tamil language learners learn Tamil online quickly and effectively. We start with basics and then move on to teaching intermediate and advanced levels. Getting through the study process in a structured way is the most effective of all language study tip. 

  1. Converse in the new language, everyday

If you are exploring language learning tips or what is the easy way to learn language, then it is the conversations that help all the while. If you are learning Tamil as a new language, engage in Tamil conversation all the while. The more you converse, the easier it will be for you to learn Tamil. If you are living in a foreign where Tamil is not widely spoken, try meeting Tamil speaking friends often and engage with them in Tamil conversation. Your vocabulary and grammar improves when you speak often. Of course, your fluency improves too. This language study tip applies to anyone attempting to learn a new language right from the scratch. 

  1. Connect with native speakers

If you are learning a new language, always connect with native speakers. It is always easy to learn the intricacies of the language from them. Also, when you build conversations with them, you get an opportunity to practice and test your skills and progress in learning the language. The online world has introduced several forums through which you can learn the new language. If you are learning Tamil language, becoming a part of Tamil sangams in your area is an essential language learning tip. You could also explore Tamil forums and communities online so you get to meet and greet Tamil speaking people. This would help you learn Tamil quickly and effectively. 

  1. It’s ok to say weird things. Accept it.

When you are learning a new language, mistakes are a part of the learning process. Acceptance is the key. Have an open mind to learn from mistakes instead of shying away and not attempting to speak at all because you are deeply worried about making mistakes. So, accept the mistakes and keep growing. Sometimes when you are trying to help children learn Tamil language, we come across parents who are worried about their children not speaking with a native accent; Or about them mixing English with Tamil when they are learning Tamil language. So, in the beginning, this could be the case when you are learning a new language. Have patience and learn from the mistakes that you make is a very important thing that you must know when you are looking for tips on learning a new language. 

  1. Always look out for “How to say XXXX?”

Keep conversing in the new language to yourself. This is one way to figure out something that you don’t know. If you are learning Tamil, and say, you do not know to ask someone ‘How are you?’ in Tamil. Explore how to say this in Tamil. You should continue to do this all the time until you master the language. This way, you can get a hold on the basics of any language easily and quickly. This is very important when you are looking for tips on learning a new language. 

  1. Watch, watch and watch!

Keep watching for how people speak a language. This would help you with mastering the pronunciation in a new language. When you are learning Tamil and in case you live in a foreign land, Tamil might not be widely spoken. In that case, you may choose to watch YouTube videos in Tamil. You should find out what is the best site to learn Tamil language. Also whenever you get time, do watch Tamil movies and Tamil songs. This is an excellent, fun, and exciting way to learn Tamil or any other language. If you are looking for what is the best site to learn Tamil language, there are a plethora of them. Powerkid Tamil Academy is also an option for you to explore learning Tamil opportunities, if you are exploring what is the best site to learn Tamil language. 

  1. One-on-one, online classes are the best

The penetration of the internet has made it possible to learn a new language from anywhere, anytime. One-on-one classes are the best way to learn a new language because you get an opportunity to interact more with the teacher. The distraction is relatively low and you get to build your language skills by directly interacting with the teacher or tutor. 

Learning a new language through Listening- Speaking- Reading- Writing framework improves the effectiveness of the language process. 

Powerkid Tamil Academy is one of the world’s largest Tamil academy built with an intent to take the Tamil language to the next generation of kids and adult learners. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we offer one-on-one, online Tamil classes to help aspirants learn Tamil online from anywhere across the world. Our online class in Tamil is handled by native Tamil speakers and so the learners get an opportunity to learn Tamil online from experienced teachers and experts. All our online Tamil classes are designed based on the proven LSRW framework. We work to impart holistic skills in speaking, writing, reading, and listening altogether. 

Our online Tamil classes are engaging and interactive so the learners can learn Tamil online through conversations and interactions. Moreover, the classes are offered with utmost customization. The outcomes, curriculum, level of learning and the timings can be personalized and customized. 

If you are interested in learning Tamil online, sign up to our online Tamil classes by visiting or call us at +91 74033 33135. We will help you explore how to learn Tamil reading and writing and how to learn Tamil quickly and easily. 

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