How do I learn Tamil in a few months?

How do I learn Tamil in a few months?
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How do I learn Tamil in a few months?

There are ample ways to learn Tamil quickly from just being bound inside the home. The blog intends to list ways to learn Tamil from home in a few months. 

Learning a new language produces a ripple effect and a pronounced impact on one’s life. It boosts the confidence of a person, and opens a whole new world of opportunities to them. The consistency that one builds when they learn the language improves their performance in other academic subjects. The duration of Tamil learning varies from person to person based on their learning capacity. Generally the young has a faster pace than the adults. So, we always suggest, the earlier the better. To make the Tamil language learning effortless and easy, one must start learning with Tamil Alphabet, understand the basics and then move ahead in a structured manner. 

If you are looking for how to learn Tamil for beginners and Tamil language learning, you are at the right spot. The blog intends to shed light on easy- peasy ways and strategies that one can adopt to learn Tamil at home.

  1. Join Tamil forum/groups

A lot of whatsapp groups and social media forums dedicated to bringing the Tamil diaspora exist.So if you are living in other countries or different parts of India where people do not speak Tamil, becoming a part of such groups helps build connection with Tamil speaking friends. This way you can expose your children to Tamil culture and language. Through the groups and forums, one can reach out for any help in your community. Additionally, the existence of Facebook groups and online forums serve the same purpose and are really useful. They cover different categories including entertainment, online learning, sports, history, etc. so you get to learn a broad array of Tamil happenings. மின்தமிழ் is a google group formed by தமிழ் மரபு அறக்கட்டளை (Tamil Legacy Trust) and it works for fostering Tamil language tradition and taking the richness of the language to the successive generations. Tamil language forums by Shabdkosh, British Tamil Forum, and Chat2friends are also great options to connect with Tamil diaspora and stay in touch with the native. These are great options if you are exploring how to learn Tamil at home. 

  1. Improve Tamil fluency

Continuous and steady practice can bring about noticeable betterment in a shorter duration. Something that you should be doing fiercely is listening more and speaking out even more in Tamil. Explore opportunities to have conversations in Tamil. Befriend Tamil speakers who can help you with Tamil language learning and ask them to spell out different Tamil words, and try conversing with them. 

If you are looking for how to learn Tamil for beginners, take your children to your Tamil-speaking neighbors and help them build conversations in Tamil. Help them learn Tamil names of objects in the household, frame small sentences, phrases, and instructions in Tamil. These small actions can aid a lot in Tamil language learning. Play games by spelling out Tamil words and remembering them. This way, you can add fun elements to Tamil language learning.

  1. Speak in Tamil at home

If you are looking for how to learn Tamil at home, hold back to your linguistic tradition by speaking in Tamil at home. If you are living in a foreign land where Tamil isn’t widely spoken, your children struggle to speak in Tamil, essentially because they do not have a great exposure to the Tamil language. This limitation can be easily overcome by ensuring that you talk to them in Tamil at home. To a great extent, this implication can get your children accustomed to the language in their own comfort zone. Grandparents, parents, and relatives at home are the child’s first language mentors. Gradually, we should help them improve their speaking and correct their mistakes. As the saying goes, eloquent speakers are first made at home! So if you are exploring how to learn Tamil for beginners, start at home. 

  1. Alter your thinking patterns

Changing one’s mindset to a way that can bolster Tamil language learning is crucial. Practice setting manageable and realistic goals. Breaking them down into small goals is indeed more effective and takes much less time. Condition your mind with the fact that Tamil learning takes time and understand how important it is to stay patient through the course. Cast away any discouragement prevailing around the learning pace. Allocate some part of your time excusively for Tamil learning, and stick to it until your kids master it. A disciplined learning schedule and commitment is highly essential. If you are looking for how to learn Tamil for beginners, try doing the following. 

  • Think in Tamil: தமிழில் யோசிக்கவும் (Tamilil yosikkavum).

The problem with language leaning is we tend to think in a different language and then translate it. Never do that. Condition your mind to think fluently in Tamil. Experiment by making Tamil conversations in your mind. Do this more often. Start with simple sentences and move ahead to the advanced ones.

  • Don’t translate: பேசும்போது மொழிபெயர்க்காதீர்கள் (pesumbodhu molipeyarkaadheergal)

Give a try to assimilate the language as such. Do not try translating it. Alter your thought patterns so you get to think in Tamil. Speak in Tamil without having to translate it.

  1. Appoint a Tamil tutor

Getting a tutor is one great way to aid you with Tamil language learning. Tutors can give personal attention to you, conduct classes one-on-one, and can address your specific needs. The penetration of internet has made it easy to learn Tamil from being inside the home and not having to go in person after an exhaustive day at school or at work. If you wish to know what Powerkid Tamil Academy offers, it is the one-on-one personalized classes so the learner gets the attention they deserve and an opportunity to learn Tamil online. All our online Tamil classes are handled by native Tamil speaking teachers who know the in and out of the language. So if you are looking for how to learn Tamil at home, you are at the right place. 

  1. Make use of available technology and resources

Plenty of websites offer resources that can support you with self-learning. You may also rely on pronunciation tools where you get an opportunity to listen to audio recordings and voice clippings of native Tamil speakers. Learn grammar rules, and sentence formation techniques from the corresponding websites. Flashcards, online dictionaries, and online exercises are great ways to improve fluency and to upgrade the learning experience. 

  1. Watch Tamil videos on youtube

Watch youtube videos in Tamil on any genre you have an interest in. It could be about learning Tamil history, or watching Tamil comedies, or listening to Tamil songs, and so on. 

  1. Celebrate Tamil festivals

Getting involved in cultural activities allows you to visualise the language and tradition in context. Celebrate Tamilian festivals and functions like Pongal, Thiruvaiyaru Festival, Thaipusam, Natyanjali Dance Festival, Mahamaham, Tamil New Year’s Day, and Karthigai Deepam. These celebrations are a great way to meet and greet your Tamil mates. Travel to places where thiruvizha( village festivals) are held. Functions and events organized at worship places are truly exuberant in India. So try taking your kids to such festivals. Once in a while try dining at Tamil restaurants and expose the taste of the traditional Tamil food to your children so they feel a native connect always.

  1. Attend Tamil marriage and other functions

Marriages best reflect the culture and traditional practices of the Tamil people. Each and every ritual performed on the occasion has a scientific reason behind it. Our ancestors had the best knowledge among all and they inculcated health benefits latent in all the festivals, rituals, and customs. For instance, bindi and kumkum worn by women stimulate the pituitary gland and Mehendi applied on the night before the marriage soothes stress and calms the bride. These are just a drop in the ocean, there is a lot more to learn from the ceremonies. The food served during the functions comprises all six tastes and is well balanced. Get yourself drooling for the padayal and let your tastebuds crave for more. You also get to dress up in the traditional Tamil attire and to interact and socialise with Tamil speakers. What better way to build deeper connections with fellow Tamils!

  1. Watch Tamil movies

Movies take you to another world altogether. They carry the lifestyle, language, day-to-day habits of a Tamil household, and more so, the culture and history of Tamils. You get to know more about the slang at various places in Tamilnadu, the variations in pronunciation, and so on. It equates to travelling to the place. Dheivathirumagal, kaaka muttai, anantham, abhiyum naanum, thalapathy, raja chinna roja, anjali, annai oru aalayam and pasanga are extraordinary movies. Watch these masterpieces with your family and dive into the intricacies of the Tamil language and culture. Often, listen to Tamil music. Music helps you build an emotional connection to the Tamil language. Tune your mind with mellifluous Tamil music.

  1. Read books in Tamil

Reading books is a constructive way to learn Tamil. Thirukural, aathichoodi, moodhurai, kondrai vendhan,  and nalvali are the best  Tamil books for beginners. These books are value-rich and worthwhile. They are an excellent way to learn ad remember the Tamil alphabet and master Tamil vocabulary. You can read Tamil newspapers, magazines, and articles on a daily basis as it augments your language standard day by day. 

  1. Take online Tamil class and learn Tamil online

A straightforward way to learn Tamil is to take up an online Tamil class. You may choose to learn Tamil with Powerkid Tamil Academy that offers customized online courses. Powerkid Tamil Academy has built a structured and systematic approach to Tamil language learning centered around the proven L-S-R-W technique LSRW here means Learning, Speaking, Reading, and Writing and these are the fundamentals to learn any language. Learn Tamil online effortlessly and in steps with Powerkid Tamil Academy. By choosing our online class in Tamil, you also get an opportunity to learn from where you left. In case you know the basics and you want to start from intermediate stages, through our online Tamil class, we help you start from wherever you wish.  

If you wish to know what Powerkid Tamil Academy offers, Talk to us at  +91 74033 33135. 

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