Learn Tamil with the unique long-term memory method

Learn Tamil with the unique long-term memory method
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Learn Tamil with the unique long-term memory method

Long term memory method is an interesting, unique method to learn a new language. Read the blog to know how we leverage the innovativeness of this method to impart the intricacies of the Tamil language. 

Learning a new language and retaining the benefits across the length of your life requires innovative strategies and unique methods. Learning languages through a systematic and structured curriculum blend with rigorous teaching methods accelerate the learning process. It is the same with Tamil language learning. Having educated more than 1000 children and adult Tamil learners from across the world, we have a systematic curriculum that is a perfect blend of theory and practice to help children learn easily and effortlessly. Long-term memory method, Listening- Speaking-  Reading- Writing (LSRW) framework and many other standards define the uniqueness of our curriculum and teaching method at Powerkid Tamil Academy. If you are exploring how to learn Tamil for beginners, read on. 

Goals of Tamil language learning

When it comes to Tamil learning, the ultimate goal of the learner is to 

  • Learn at their own pace
  • Learn effectively and effortlessly
  • Learning outcomes should match their purpose. 

The purpose or intent of Tamil learning may differ from one person to another – some could learn a language to make a travel, to migrate, to carry forward their native connect and legacy to their children and next generations, to explore the culture and literary works presented in that language, etc. No matter what, the long-term memory method and LSRW frameworks accelerate Tamil learning and help an individual master the intricacies of the Tamil language. 

The long-term memory method helps learn Tamil 40% faster than otherwise?

What is long-term memory method?

There are three stages of memory including sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. 

Sensory memory – What we perceive through our senses – what we see, what we hear, what we feel, etc. is stored here. 

Short term memory – When we sense something is of moderate importance to us, say a person’s name, we tend to remember this information in short term memory.

Long term memory – When we store the information for considerably longer periods of time in short term memory, it moves on to long term memory. 

The sheer number of words and vocabulary could be complex while learning a new language. So in Tamil language learning, more emphasis is placed on to storing the words, phrases, and vocabulary for considerably longer periods in the long term memory. Otherwise, the learner may tend to forget them after a while. 

What is the uniqueness of long-term memory method at Powerkid Tamil Academy?

If you are exploring how to learn Tamil for beginners or how to learn Tamil at home, long-term memory method helps as 

  1. You get an opportunity to learn Tamil quickly and with minimum efforts. It requires that you invest very little of your productive time in Tamil language learning. So you get an opportunity to learn Tamil online amidst your busy schedules of work or schooling if the learner is a child. 
  2. You will never forget words and vocabulary in Tamil as you learn through online Tamil classes. Our teaching methods ensure that things you learn makes its way to the long term memory and gets etched there stronger. This is a huge advantage you get when you learn Tamil language because Tamil has a huge list of vocabularies and words. There are more than 7 lakh words and we pick only the most commonly used ones when we teach a new learner. 
  3. Fun and engaging methods to learn Tamil language helps learner remember words almost effortlessly and quickly. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, our teachers are well trained to handle children and have unique, innovative methods of teaching Tamil to ensure that they find it interesting and engaging. 

What Powerkid Tamil Academy offers as a part of online Tamil class?

  1. If you are looking for how to learn Tamil for beginners, Powerkid Tamil Academy offers online Tamil class in levels. It includes three levels of Tamil language learning – beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Everytime you start to learn Tamil online, you don’t have to start from scratch. You have the flexibility to learn from where you left. In case you are familiar with the basics, you may choose to start from intermediate levels and go ahead with advanced levels. We have separate modules like Tamil people fact for kids, etc. 
  2. Basic Tamil Vocabulary – Learn Tamil Online. For learners exploring how to learn Tamil at home, Powerkid Tamil Academy has the best kind of Tamil language learning course to offer. You do not have to move anywhere. More importantly, you can take up the course as per your convenience. We offer online class in Tamil in global time zones so as to help the learner learn Tamil online in a time zone that is comfortable for the learner. 
  3. The course, curriculum, and the outcomes are totally customized. Some people may want to learn Tamil so they can manage travelling to a Tamil speaking state or area. We try to understand why it is important to learn Tamil for each individual. Many people who have shifted overseas for work or business demands have a feeling that their children have lost touch with the native. Nevertheless, learning the mother tongue is the easiest way to expose your kids to Tamil culture and history. While some others may want to learn Tamil to explore its wide array of literary elements and develop an understanding of its unique culture. Each of the aforementioned people demand different outcomes. Some would want to learn just the basics of the Tamil language, while some others want to learn intermediate and advanced stages of the Tamil language as well. Some people may choose to learn to just speak Tamil while others may want to learn how to write and read Tamil. So, as a part of our online class in Tamil at Powerkid Tamil Academy, we help learners customize their classes in every aspect – course, curriculum, timing, and outcomes. 
  4. The online Tamil class at Powerkid Tamil Academy is one-on-one where the learner gets an opportunity to interact with the teacher in Tamil throughout the session. This is very important for a language learner as the saying goes, the more you practise speaking a language, the easier it will be. The teacher shall correct your mistakes and may push the learner to broaden beyond their comfort zone. 

If you are looking for an online class in Tamil, Powerkid Tamil Academy is the right place. Visit to know more about our online Tamil classes, and book a free demo with us.

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