How to Teach Your Kids tamil Even If You Don’t Speak It?

There are a plethora of ways to learn Tamil quickly and effectively. Starting to converse in Tamil at home, taking up online Tamil classes, and reading Tamil books and newspapers helps. Read the blog to know other options. Meta Learn Tamil at home through online Tamil classes. At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we adopt unique strategies that can help learn Tamil online in less than 90 days.

How to Teach Your Kids tamil Even If You Don’t Speak It?

A lot of parents living abroad are looking for ways to help their children learn Tamil language. The blog presents some tips and tricks to parents to accelerate the learning process for their children. 

A lot of times in our journey of offering Tamil language education through online Tamil classes, we come across parents who ask if they could still teach Tamil to their children. Parents who have migrated abroad years ago and settled in a foreign land might not have had the opportunity to learn Tamil. Because Tamil language learning builds a native connect within them, they are eager to educate their children with the intricacies of the Tamil language. 

The blog is a curated collection of ideas, tips, and tricks from experienced teachers and professionals on how parents can help their children to learn Tamil even if they do not know to speak or write in Tamil. 

Co-learn Tamil with your children

The easiest way forward to help your children learn Tamil even if you do not know the language is to co-learn with them. If your children are learning Tamil online, sit alongside them and try learning Tamil. Or in case if they are taking up classroom learning, you may also apply to learn along with them. Conversations are an easy way for children to learn Tamil. But if you are in a foreign land, the chances of engaging in Tamil conversation is very feeble for your child. So, when you co-learn Tamil with them, you get an opportunity to not only learn Tamil, but also to engage in soulful conversations with your children. This would in turn motivate them to learn the native language more quickly and effectively. 

Exercise patience

Patience is an essential virtue when it comes to educating children with the intricacies of the Tamil language. Do not rush through the process. Exercise patience and understand that it is new for them as much as it is for you. Some children may take time while some children grab it easily and quickly. So, when you are admitting your kid to learn Tamil language, exercise utmost patience and celebrate every little moment in their learning phase. This would indeed motivate them to learn more quickly. 

Build conversations at home

Children tend to spend a lot of time at home with their parents and family. So, it becomes important to build conversations in Tamil language at home to accelerate your kid’s pace of Tamil language learning. If you do not know Tamil language, try to learn along with them and build conversations together. You may refer to Google and other Tamil resources available online so that you can learn Taml easily and effortlessly. Once you get a hold on the language, it becomes easy for you to build conversations in Tamil when you are with your children. In case you live in a Tamil speaking land and your children are increasingly exposed to Tamil, this is not a big problem. But, if you live in a foreign land, the children’s exposure to Tamil language is very limited. So, for them to gain fluency in building conversations, it is important to engage with them in Tamil at home. This way they read Tamil people facts for kids

Children who speak their mother tongue well have better cognitive skills and intellectual abilities. 

Watch Tamil films with subtitles

Watching movies in Tamil language is an easy and interesting way to learn Tamil. Check out Netflix or YouTube and watch good Tamil movies. Try to comprehend the language to the maximum possible extent. It might seem harder in the beginning, but with time you will master it. Also, make watching Tamil movies mandatory as a part of your child’s screen time. This would help both of you- Your child and your self gain an understanding of the basics of Tamil speaking. Introduce them to Tamil people fact for kids and many more. 

Start with the basics

No matter whether you choose to admit your child to online Tamil classes or you help them learn by themselves, make sure that they start with the basics and then move on to the intermediate and advanced levels. You may begin with vowels and consonants called uyir eluthukkal and mei eluthukkal, and then move ahead to learning common words in Tamil. Try making flash cards for some 50 words to make fun learning Tamil for kids. Once you master the alphabets move ahead to learning the basic sentence construction. Start with basic things like learning to say good morning or wishing someone a happy birthday. Start with simple things and then you can move ahead to complex patterns. Learn to ask some basic questions so it becomes easier for you to greet when you meet someone who is a Tamilian. 

Put them to online Tamil classes

If you are finding it difficult to expose your children to the Tamil language because you are in a foreign country and more so,  when you do not know the Tamil language, online Tamil classes are the best option. The increase in penetration of internet and smart phones have made it possible to learn Tamil language from anywhere, anytime. Powerkid Tamil Academy is one of the world’s leading institute that offers online Tamil classes to help learners from across the world. 

There are several advantages of admitting your child to online Tamil classes than endeavoring to learn by oneself and some of them include the following. 

Why learn Tamil at Powerkid Academy?

  • There will be more consistency in the learning process when you attend online Tamil classes and learn Tamil online than trying to learn Tamil by yourself.
  • Your child will have a mentor to whom he or she can ask any doubts they may have. This is so important when you as a parent do not know the intricacies of the language. 
  • Because you do not know the language, your children might not have anyone to converse with at home in the Tamil language. By admitting them to online Tamil classes, they get an opportunity to engage  in conversations and build interactions. This way, they get to learn Tamil online, quickly and more efficiently. 
  • By taking online Tamil classes at Powerkid Tamil Academy, your children get an opportunity to learn Tamil online in its native form. You may choose to co-learn with your child so it becomes easy for them to converse with you in Tamil. 
  • At Powerkid Tamil Academy, we make fun learning Tamil for kids. 

If you are still wondering why learn Tamil at Powerkid Academy, more than 93% of children who take up online Tamil classes with us learn Tamil in less than 90 days. 

Organize meetups with Tamil speaking friends

A language is best learnt through conversations. So, do not feel about not knowing the intricacies of the Tamil language. Arrange meetups and take your children to community events organized by Tamil Sangams in your area. Take them to Tamil weddings. Take them to Tamil restaurants and ensure that they are exposed to the language. This is important because if children are not exposed enough to the language, they tend to forget what they learnt. 

Overall, do not worry about not knowing the Tamil language. You can always co-learn with your child. Invest enough efforts and time in doing what it takes to help your child learn Tamil online. This would help them build a native connection and explore more opportunities on the personal and professional fronts. 

If you are looking for online Tamil classes to learn Tamil online, apply at Help your child learn Tamil like a pro.

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