Why are South Indians so smart?

Why are South Indians so smart?
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Why are South Indians so smart?

Read the blog to know how smart Indians are, more so South Indians are while also highlighting the uniqueness of their cultural bonding

A lot of people have stereotypes and preconceived notions about the attitude and behavior of South Indians whereas in several instances, it has been proved otherwise. Though a lot of comparisons are drawn as to South Indians vs North Indians, Indians in general are super smart, and more so, South Indians are awesome and possess traits and characteristics that are unique to South Indians. The blog is an endevaour to demystify such notions around the attributes of South Indians and present an analysis of why are Indians so smart. 

High literacy rates

Comparingsouth Indians vs north Indians, South India records some of the highest literacy rates. In the whole of India, Kerala located at the southernmost part of the country has a literacy rate that is as high as 96.2%. Male literacy stands at 96% and that of the females stands at 92.07%. Female literacy is given due importance. Tamil Nadu also has a literacy rate of 85% which is way higher than the average literacy rate of the country. This makes them smart and intelligent.

Tolerance towards other cultures

The Southern part of the country has some of the lowest crime rates and has higher tolerance towards other cultures. They respect the cultural beliefs and norms of other religion, caste, and community. Caste-based violences and communal issues are a rarity in South India. They maintain a harmonious relationship with other states. 

Well-developed higher education system

Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Kerala houses around 50% of total engineering and medical seats available in India. This is important to understand south Indians vs north Indians. The higher education system is well developed and produces more graduates every year. They were the ones to lead the IT boom in India with Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and other cities leading the IT revolution. They catered to absorb the highly qualified engineering and medical cadets who graduate from their colleges every year. 

Tamil Nadu has several Industrial hubs

While the Kongu belt of Tami Nadu is known for its engineering marvel and industrial intelligence, other parts of the country like Kancheepuram are known for their silk contribution. Tirupur stands as the textile hub while Sivakasi stands as a hub for crackers. Tamil Nadu stands as the second largest contributor to India’s GDP. 

Attachment to culture.

South Indians, particularly the Tamils have a strong attachment to culture and language. Tamils honour their language as a mother and so Tamil is often addressed as Tamil Thai – meaning mother in Tamil. 

The Tamils have a temple for Tami Thai? It is in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu and the presiding deity here is Tamil Thai. 

This is so unique across the world that no other language has a temple akin to the Tamil language. Indians in general have a strong attachment to culture and this also defines why are Indians so smart. 

Harmony with natural elements

Tamils and the South Indians lead a very harmonious life that is blend with nature. They were the ones who propagated the natural healing mechanisms – Siddha medicines that have a cure for almost everything and anything. They lead a life that is harmonious with nature. They have a natural healing course for almost all the kinds of ailments. They are hardworking and have a healthy state of mind and body. If you are looking to understand Why are Indians so smart, then their attachment to natural elements is one of the important reason. 

Curiousity to learn new things

South Indians are very curious to try and learn new things. They are exploratory in nature and invest their time and energy into learning new things and new ideas almost every day. They strive to produce high quality of work in all their undertakings. That is one reason why they make it up to credible positions in top companies- say Indra Nooyi who hailed from Chennai was the Chairman and CEO of Pepsico, Sundar Pitchai is the CEO of Google, Sathya Nadella from Hyderabad is the Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, Laxman Narasimhan is the CEO of Startbucks. Shantanu Narayen from Hyderabad is the CEO of Adobe. The list is never ending. 

Possess excellent mathematical skills

Tamil Nadu and South India is the home to many of the well-known scientists and mathematicians. Srinivasan Ramanujam, the renowned mathematician whose contributions form the cornerstone of the modern game theory, composite numbers, and infinite sequences and series, hails from Erode in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu produced 3 renowned nobel laureates – S. Chandrasekhar, Sir.C.V.Raman and C.V.Ramakrishnan. Tamil Nadu prides itself in giving the most number of presidents to the Independent India and all three of them left an indelible mark – 

  • Philosopher Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1962-67); 
  • Economist and constitutional expert, Ramaswami Venkataraman (1987-92); 
  • Missile-scientist at ISRO, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (2002-07).

Land of magnificent temples

Tamil Nadu is known for its temples and they remain the patrons of the ancient Tamil architecture. Some of the masterpieces include the Brihadeeshwara Temple at Thanjavur that testifies to the power and strength of the Chola reign. Though there isn’t quarries existing in the 100 mile radius of temple, it was built using more than 1.3 Lakh tonnes of granite. The Mahabalipuram shore temples that overlook the Bay of Bengal are signifies the marvellous architectural skills of Tamils. 

Extremely welcoming culture

Tamil culture is extremely welcoming and warming. That’s why you see a closely connected Tamil diaspora everywhere in the world. The Tamil culture gives paramount importance to ‘Virundhombal’, the Tamil word that testifies to the welcoming nature of Tamil people. They have a habit of offering a warm welcome to visitors, greeting them with love and care, and also offering them food and water even if they are not very closely related. This is a very unique attribute of Tamil culture and heritage. 

This blog is an attempt to present the uniqueness of  north Indians vs south Indians, and highlight each of them have a unique culture and tradition. It is also an answer to why people from Indians so smart. 

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