Basic Tamil Vocabulary- Learn Tamil online

Basic Tamil Vocabulary- Learn Tamil online
Tamil Language

Basic Tamil Vocabulary- Learn Tamil online

If you are looking forward to learn Tamil online, learning it through English is the easiest option. Learn basic Tamil vocabulary covering words that you can use to greet, describe a family member, read numbers, etc.  

The word vocabulary translates to  சொற்களஞ்சியம் (sorkalanjiyam) in Tamil. களஞ்சியம் is a place where an immense quantity of things is stored. The number of word options in Tamil is truly copious. Hence, சொற்களஞ்சியம் symbolically describes the vast and abundant word availability in the Tamil language. Learn the commonly used words and phrases to converse in Tamil in a lucid way. If you are looking forward to learn Tamil online, you can find a Tamil vocabulary words list in this blog. Learn Tamil through English is an efficient, proven method to start learning Tamil. 

Words starting from அ to ஒள.

Learn tamil aplphabets with words in Tamil. A to Z vocabulary words with tamil meaning.

அ – அம்மா (Amma)  – Mother 

ஆ – ஆடு (Aadu) – Goat

இ – இலை (Ilai) – Leaf

ஈ – ஈசல் (eesal) – Fly

உ – உடம்பு (Udambu) – Body

ஊ – ஊசி (Oosi) – Needle

எ – எலி (Eli) – Mouse

ஏ – ஏணி (Eani) – Ladder

ஐ – ஐயர் (Ayyar) – Priest

ஒ – ஒட்டகம் (Ottagam) – Camel

ஓ – ஓடம் (Odam) – Boat

ஒள – ஔவை ( Avvai) – A Poet’s name

ஃ  – எஃகு (Eḥku) – Steel

Words with letters க to ன.

க – கப்பல் (kappal) – boat

ங – சங்கு (sangu) – shell

ச – சக்கரம் (sakkaram) – wheel

ஞ –  இஞ்சி (Inji) – ginger

ட – பட்டம் (pattam) – kite

ண – கிண்ணம் (kinnam) – bowl

த –  தவளை (thavalai) – frog

ந –  நகம் (nagam) – nail

ப –  பம்பரம் (pambaram) – a spinning top

ம –  மயில் (mayil) – peacock

ய –  யானை (yaanai) – elephant

ர –  ரயில் (rayil) – train

ல –  லட்டு (lattu) – laddu, a sweet

வ – வலை (valai) – to bend

ழ –  பழம் (pazham) – fruit

ள –   விளங்கு (vilangu) – animal

ற –  பறவை (paravai) – bird

ன –  சன்னல் (jannal) – window

We learnt A to Z vocabulary words with Tamil meaning. We few letters in the starting of a sentence. Tamil words start with letters க ச ஞ த ந ப ம வ ய. 

Learn numbers from 1- 10 in Tamil

Numbers play key role in Tamil vocabulary words list.A beginner needs to learn the basic numbers from 1- 10 in order to learn the other following. Here it goes,

1 – One – Ondru (ஒன்று)

2 – Two – Irandu (இரண்டு)

3 – Three – Moondru (மூன்று)

4 – Four – Naangu (நான்கு)

5 – Five – Aindhu (ஐந்து)

6 – Six – Aaru (ஆறு)

7- Seven – Ealu (ஏழு)

8 – Eight – Ettu (எட்டு)

9 – Nine – Onbadhu (ஒன்பது)

10 – Ten – Pathu (பத்து)

Ways to greet a person

The following are the classical ways to greet a person in Tamil. Gather your hands with palms touching each other and fingers pointing upwards. Then say any of the given greeting words.

  •   Vanakkam – வணக்கம் 
  • Varaverkirom – வரவேற்கிறோம்
  • Vanga! Vanga! – வாங்க! வாங்க!
  • Namaskaram – நமஸ்காரம் and Vandhanam – வந்தனம் are words with non-Tamil origin.

Learn the names of family members

In Tamil, the general word Uncle can take different forms to describe the exact relationship between people. Father’s elder brother is called periyappa, while father’s younger brother is called chithappa. Whereas mother’s brother is called mama. This implies for various other relationships too. This is why relationship words in Tamil are so unique. It perfectly describes the relationship people without generalising it. Learn English relation words with Tamil meaning.

  • Father- Appa- அப்பா
  • Mother – Ammaa – அம்மா
  • Son – Magan – மகன் (MA as in Mug)
  • Daughter – Magal – மகள் 

SIBLINGS in Tamil is

Kooda Pirandhavargal – கூடப் பிறந்தவர்கள்

Udan Pirandhavargal – உடன் பிறந்தவர்கள்

  • Elder Brother – Annan – அண்ணன்
  • Younger Brother – Thambi – தம்பி
  • Elder Sister – Akkaa – அக்கா
  • Younger Sister – Thangai தங்கை

Other family members include, 

  • Grandfather – தாத்தா – Thatha
  • Grandmother –  பாட்டி – Paatti

Other words describing uncle and aunt.

  • Mama – மாமா
  • Aththai – அத்தை
  • Periyammaa – பெரியம்மா
  • Periyappaa – பெரியப்பா
  • Chithi – சித்தி
  • Chithappaa – சித்தப்பா

Learn common words in Tamil

Learn how to question in Tamil. English to Tamil vocabulary of question words is enlisted below.

When – எப்போ – Eppo

Where – எங்கே – Engey

Who – யாரு – Yaaru

Which – எது – Edhu

What – என்ன – enna

Why – ஏன் – Yean

What for – எதுக்கு – Edhuku

How – எப்படி – Eppadi

Learn Useful sentences

It is essential to learn few important sentences to communicate with a Tamil speaker. Practice Tamil sentences by speaking with a native Tamil speaker who you are comfortable with, so you can ask them to spell out the generally used sentences.  Learn tamil through online Tamil classes. You can learn Tamil online from Powerkid Tamil Academy which is known for its exclusive one-on-one and customised Tamil lessons from experienced natve Tamil speaking teachers. If you are looking to learn Tamil online watching movies could also help. Other ways to learn Tamil online is to become a part of online Tamil communities and forums. They organize meetups. This way you can make new Tamil speaking friends and foster a good relationship with them. 

Some very useful sentences that can be used in day-to-day include,

  1. Welcome – வாங்க (Vaanga)
  2. How are you? – நீங்க எப்படி இருக்கீங்க? – Neenga eppadi irukkeenga?
  3. Sit down – உக்காருங்க – Ukkarunga
  4. Have a nice day – இந்த நாள் இனிய நாளாக அமையட்டும் – Indha naal iniya naalaaga amaiyattum
  5. See you later – அப்புறம் பாக்கலாம் – Appuram Paakalam
  6. Congratulations – வாழ்த்துக்கள் – Vazhthukal

Magic words

  • Thank you – நன்றி – Nandri
  • Sorry – மன்னிச்சுக்கோங்க – Mannichukkonga 
  • Excuse me – மன்னிக்கவும் – Mannikavum
  • Please – தயவு செய்து – Dhayavu seithu

Learn timely greetings.

  • Good morning – காலை வணக்கம் – Kalai vanakam
  • Good afternoon – மதிய வணக்கம் – Madhiya vanakkam
  • Good evening – மாலை வணக்கம் – Maalai vanakkam
  • Good night – இரவு வணக்கம் – Iravu vanakkam

Learn Tamil through online tamil classes

Looking for an online Tamil class? You are at the right spot. 

Learn all basic Tamil vocabulary online from Powerkid Tamil academy. We offer completely customised, one-on-one, live classes in Tamil to make children and adult learners become fluent in Tamil speaking. 

We empower aspirants to learn Tamil through English. Enroll to our online Tamil classes at Powerkid Tamil Academy by signing up at Talk to us at  +1 (512) 575-3590 or +91 74033 33135.

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